Friday, 30 November 2012

Chuck Norris: A slight gripe

Chuck Norris is one of my favourite action film and telly heroes.Not only is he a superb martial arts fighter that he uses in his films,but he also saves many pretty actresses in them.

I loved his show 'Walker,Texas Ranger' which I still miss to this day.That must have held the largest number of actresses bound and gagged in it.:)

It was great to see Chuck back in 'Expendables 2' and hopefully,I'll be seeing more of him.

Unfortunately,there were no damsels to be rescued in 'Expendables 2' and another film drove me mad too.

'The President's Man 1 and 2' were both great action films,but alas;no pretty girls bound and gagged in them.What was also maddening,was the lovely Jennifer Tung co-starred alongside Chuck,and her character never got anything.

Some people love the tough as nails fiesty damsel,but I don't.From a damsel in distress fan's view,these films were bitterly disappointing.Considering how gorgeous Jennifer was,I found it very surprising her character wasn't seized by the bad guys,especially when she was playing Chuck's daughter in the film.

Jennifer's character is a really warm,kind and feminine,but the scriptwriters didn't bother to put her in distress.Instead,they had the bad guys kidnap a nuclear scientist,with his wife and two young daughters,now threatening their lives.

Still,it was just a minor gripe here,but having seen Chuck rescue so many pretty girls in his films,this was again,a big disappointment for me.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another two fingered salute

Whilst browsing through Brian's Page,I was somewhat amused to see some people slagging other people off,just because the actress in a damsel in distress scene is tied up,but not gagged.

These people call them 'gag snobs' Well,I can personally say people who like to see a very pretty actress bound and gagged are not so called 'gag snobs' In fact,I'd like to say 'gag lovers'

I honestly don't know who the hell these people think they are.I've never read any insults from them aimed back,and I'm sure the authoritian style on Brians Page is just stupid to say sometimes.

Honestly,it makes my blood boil seeing some people act like this.If we want to see pretty actresses bound and gagged in tv and films,that's our business.You lot just stick to what you want to see,but don't slag us off for wanting to see something extra on it.

I think that deserves another fingered salute,to those idiots who enjoy thinking their opinion is the only one.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

2 of my favourite damsels

Maggie Cheung is one of my most favourite damsels in distress characters.Not only is she super drop dead gorgeous in my opinion,but I've really enjoyed seeing her bound and gagged in a couple of Jackie Chan's films.

Actually,I was also a great fan of Jackie's films too.They were fun,really exciting fight scenes,and of course,saving the pretty girl.

Unfortunately,I haven't seen any damsel in distress scenes from Jackie's most recent offerings,and I've just about give up.There's just been too much girl power,ruining all my hopes.The only girl power I like to see,is when its girl v girl.As I previously mentioned,I will never accept gorgeous girls beating the crap out of 6'4 burly gorillas.Then I've had to listen to the actress cawing with delight,saying how pleased and proud of her character she is.

Yeah,right.It's only a bloody film.Lighten up...

Anyway,onto more fonder memories.This picture of Maggie,is taken from 'Police Story 3 Supercop'
It's definitely one of my favourites,and has also the lovely Michelle Yeoh in it.

Sadly,there was more girl power included,as the fight scenes showed Michelle beating up the bad guys with Jackie,but as the film had a scene with the lovely Maggie bound and gagged in it,I could live with it.After all,they were the good guys,but I just wish sometimes I could see a bit more realism.
If a girl takes on blokes,then I would personally write in a gun battle scene.The female character is highly skilled in her weapon,and can also use it to get the advantage.I do this in my Sanna Menace stories,with the characters of Hunt and Paula Ann.They're both fierce fighters,but I would,never,EVER have them taking on a much more stronger bloke in unarmed combat,and letting them win.That's why I prefer girl versus girl.It's much more better that way.

Just a shame Hollywood and plenty of other people don't seem to agree....

Now here we have the also lovely Annie Wu(aka Chen Chen Wu)I first watched her in another one of Jackie Chan's films: First Strike.

This was also a huge favourite of mine.Fantastic action,a great sense of humour,but alas:no bound and gagged scenes for Annie.In fact,there was only a brief handgag for her! Also,towards the end of the film,she's grabbed by the bad guys and they're escaping on boat.

Just for a second,you hear the main bad guy order his accomplice to tie Annie up,but just then,Jackie races in to save her.I wasn't sure whether to smile or groan!

Anyway,2 very pretty girls who didn't mind playing the damsel in distress,and I'll certainly keep my eyes open for any more scenes from the Far East.Just a damned shame they put blokes in a lot with them!:(

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wow! Past 200,000!

Well,I never expected 3 years ago when I started this blog,that I'd get over 200,000 views.

So as a treat for those that like my damsel in distress hobby,here's page 3 that myself and Larry worked on.

Hope it's well liked,and page 4 is under preparation.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sneaking In;More added

Well,it has been a while since I last did anything for this story,although it never really disappeared from my thoughts.

So I'm very pleased I've added a bit more onto it,and no doubt,will add more later.:)

Sunday, 18 November 2012


This is another Sanna Menace spin off story I dreamed up.Pathetic quality of course,but still enjoyed writing it.

It concerns one of my favourite hero characters:Jennings,and I thought it would be interesting to write in an anti-hero character,who nevertheless,still fights alongside him.

I got the idea from watching one of my favourite actors:Kurt Russell,who of course,played Snake Plissken.The first time I'd watched an anti-hero character.Snake's a hard,badass character,but he will still do the right thing if required.So he still has some sort of decency in him.:)

So will this bloke alongside Jennings.:)

Bear with me though.I'm still figuring it out


The armoured column made it's way towards the prison camp,which was now visible to the drivers of the column,but only a few of the other occupants in the column noticed it.

The leading vehicle was occupied by Harris and O'Rourke.Both sat relaxed in the vehicle,and were looking forward to visiting the prison.It was a frequent visit,as they were both on the hunt for new recruits here.They were both confident they'd get new people here.After all,not many would have wanted to rot in these hellholes.

The column successfully entered the prison compound,and all vehicles drove immediately down towards the built in garage.Both Harris and O'Rourke could see heavily armed guards everywhere.Always a good idea to deter any thoughts of escape.Both of them had seen many potential escapees,paying the ultimate price.

Once all the vehicles had stopped in the garage,their doors opened and instantly,several heavily armed men and women raced outside,and formed a guard of honour.Harris and O'Rourke exited almost immediately.

As they left their vehicle,both noticed the prison governor,who stood waiting to receive them.He didn't look a friendly sort,but that didn't bother Harris or O'Rourke.They weren't friendly either.

Even so,they both made their way over to him.Governor Talbot was not a popular man in charge here,not even with the people protecting him.He was tough and ruthless,just like Harris and O'Rourke.

'Welcome,General O'Rourke,Major Harris,'Talbot greeted them,but both could clearly see he wasn't really welcoming them.

'Skip the crap,Talbot,'O'Rourke wasn't smiling as he responded.'Just take us to the inmates you've selected for us.'

Talbit gazed hard at them both,but made no further comment,as he then led them into the prison.

He finally led them into his office,a small room,but it suited Talbot's needs.

Aside from the usual desks and typical office equipment,Harris and O'Rourke could see several monitor screens,which was projected to them by the prison's security camera system.

Looking at the numerous screens in here,both Harris and O'Rourke could see they covered every inch of the prison.Nobody would be able to hide here.

Talbot gestured at one of the screens to them.

'They're your volunteers.'

There was total indifference in his tone,but both Harris and O'Rourke ignored that,as they both went to look at the screen Talbot had gestured too.

On this particular screen,it showed several men standing in a line.They were all looking up at the camera,and all of them looked very mean and tough.

O'Rourke and Harris knew they'd have to be interviewed,to check out their reasons to fight for them were genuine,but they could see all the men's eyes were hard.So,it looked a good start.

Talbot then tossed a filled up folder onto the monitor desk in front of them.

'That's their personal details,'he told them curtly.'You've got a pretty nasty bunch there.'

'We'll decide if they're nasty or not,'Harris sneered back in response.

Suddenly,a high pitched alarm sounded throughout the room.This made Harris and O'Rourke look up at Talbot,who did not appear alarmed.

'Incoming prisoner,'he informed them,still curt in tone.'From the alarm,whoever it is,they're a priority one.'

'Who is it?'O'Rourke demanded.

'See for yourself.'Talbot gestured indifferently at another screen,which both Harris and O'Rourke moved over to look at.

They saw four men advancing down one of the prison's corridors.Three of them were guards:all heavily armed and tough,but it was the fourth man which suddenly made Harris and O'Rourke stunned.

The fourth man was advancing in front,with the three guards behind him.He had his hands secured in front of him,but he appeared indifferent too.Indeed,the three guards behind him never mis-treated him at all,all they stayed close behind him.

At first,Harris and O'Rourke thought they were seeing things.Then,they both looked at Talbot.

'Is that who I think it is?'Harris' question was sharp.

They could both clearly see Talbot had no idea what this meant to them.

'His name's Jennings,'Talbot answered,still unfriendly,but there was now some puzzlement in his tone.'What's so special about him?'

'You really do live in your little isolated world,don't you?' Harris was still having difficulty accepting what she was seeing.Here at last,was one of their most notorious,yet highly formidable enemies,now a prisoner.

'Bring him here.'Harris meant her order.

'Out of my control,Harris.'Talbot gave a faint,but still nasty smile to her.'The Sanna want him.Appears they're going to do some body research on him.'

'Not if I can help it,'Harris almost snarled.Despite the fact knowing she'd tried to eliminate Jennings several times,his successful evasions had attracted her to him.She knew he was a ladies man,and the girls found him irresitable.She too,had admitted Jennings was really handsome.There was nothing better Harris would like,than to have Jennings under her control.

Today,this looked as if she may get her wish.

'Where was he caught?' O'Rourke asked.

'He was gun-running near the border,'Talbot answered.'There was a massive firefight there.Jennings killed a lot of Sanna,so I that's why they want him.Payback,I guess.'

'We'll see about that.'Harris was determined to have him.'Now bring him here,Talbot.I mean it.'

'It's your head,Harris.'Talbot shrugged.'The Sanna won't be too happy with you over this.'

'I don't give a damn about the Sanna.'Harris meant that too.'Don't you know who that is? That's John Jennings;one of the most deadliest resistance fighters to the Sanna,and even us.'

'His first name isn't John,Harris,'Talbot told her.'It's David.'

This made both Harris and O'Rourke look at each other.Now it was their turn to be puzzled.

'That can't be,'Harris was adamant.'It is Jennings.I recognise him.'

O'Rourke then produced a small disc,and fed it into one of the computers built into the office.

Almost immediately,a sharp,clear picture of Jennings unsmiling,hard face,became visible on one of the monitor screens.

'Bring up the details of him here,'O'Rourke ordered Talbot.'This man here.'

Talbot shrugged again,but did so.Again,another picture of Jennings came up next to the one O'Rourke had brought up.

Harris and O'Rourke studied both pictures intently,and were amazed.

'I can't tell them apart,'O'Rourke had to admit.'They're practically identical.'

'Possibly.'Harris however,wasn't so sure.Something wasn't quite right here.

'Drag his picture over,'she then ordered.

O'Rourke did so,and when the second picture of Jennings was placed on top of the other photo,both he and Harris studied it intently.

After a few moments,they both looked up at each other,somewhat disbelievingly.

'They're a perfect match,'O'Rourke had to admit.'I can't see any difference at all.'

Even though Harris reluctantly agreed,she was still bothered by something.This just didn't feel right.

Before she could demand again from Talbot to bring Jennings to her,they all heard the sound of a Sanna attack craft landing.

Their expressions weren't friendly.

More to follow...

Friday, 16 November 2012

It's annoying...

I'm very pleased to have joined one of my followers here:Freddie,who runs an excellent group on yahoo,of which he writes far better damsel in distress stories than mine.

Currently,Freddie's writing a story called 'Port of Call' which I'm enjoying very much,and I'm pleased to reveal he got the inspiration from my two blogs.

Now like here,Freddie's got a lot of followers(well,I haven't got that much)and they can comment on the stuff he and other people put up on his group.

His latest story has attracted a lot of interest,and like myself,other people in the group have complimented and made their own suggestions for Freddie's story.

Now of course,it is Freddie's story and it's up to him what he writes.I'm the same here,as I write what I enjoy writing.I don't write to please other people.If they enjoy my stories,then that's a bonus.

So I was extremely annoyed to find somebody in Freddie's group,saying one of my suggestions was 'boring'

Well,if you're reading this,you can rest assured I didn't insult your comments,and I took great offence at what you said.

Kindly keep your insults to yourself next time,pal.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Well,we're back on the 11th November again,as we remember this was the time the ceasefire on the Western front happened,bringing World War One to a close on the 11th hour of the 11th month.

Obviously,we always remember those unlucky enough to be killed in all other wars,and we spare a thought for those who survived,but sustained crippling or mental wounds forever.

Our thoughts are with them,hoping and praying they will recover.

As 11 o'clock approaches,I'll respectfully observe the two minute silence,but still find it utterly despicable our politicians are there,trying to show respect and concern,when that's not the case.Also,any other moron who insults our soldiers,should deserve a good,hard kicking,and thrown out back to where they came from.Scumbags.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I liked this film,as I love ancient action themes.

It is indeed,full of action,and as I was hoping for,there is a scene of beautiful girls in ancient dress bound and gagged.

Unfortunately,nothing happens to the leading female star:Frieda Pinto,which I thought was a waste.

Instead,the scene shows three of her fellow companions in the bad guys clutches,who are bound hands in front and gagged.This is strictly for ballgag lovers,as it didn't really appeal to me.I was just so disappointed Frieda's character,never received anything at all.

Each to their own,I guess.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Being Bad

Well,where do I start to explain myself...

My name's Dave,and I've got a serious problem.I like being bad.

The reasons for this,are not something I'd like to go into here,but I will explain what I do when I'm bad.

It all started years ago,when I was in my teens.You could say I fell in with the wrong crowd,and it just got worse and worse,at some of the things we did.

Now of course,I'm not saying we do certain,despicable crimes,but I and my fellow accomplices,have made quite a bit of money over the years.

Leaving school with no qualifications whatsoever,and with no chance of finding work in greedy Tory run Britain,I had to use all the skills I'd learnt from more,shall we say,more disreputable characters.You certainly didn't argue with them.We all knew our place in the organisation.

However,I had to admit these people really knew their stuff.Of course:they organised the crimes we carried out,and it was all done expertly.We robbed banks mostly,and the best part of that,was on the inside.

Nobody got hurt,which always pleased me,and as an added bonus,I was ordered to tie up and gag the bank staff.

The best part of this,was that we always chose banks with female staff in them.That way,we could effectively carry out our dastardly scheme(haha)and not worry too much about being caught in the act.

I've got to admit;I've bound and gagged plenty of women,and have fully enjoyed it.Natrually,my victims haven't,but it had to be done,and none of them got hurt.We always escaped with the takings,and always wondered why the police never caught us.

As I mentioned earlier,this was due to the upper echolons of command.Many people before me,had now learnt how to defeat CCTV,and do other stuff.Their methods always worked,and it was a great feeling to have that little bit extra money,despite the foul means of earning it.

I'd done this for a while;sometimes as the getaway driver,or one of the gang to secure the women.We sometimes took hostages,and they were always pretty,tightly bound and gagged in the back of our van.

Although,we always released the hostages unharmed,that's when I really started to go downhill.

After one such successful raid on another bank,I had bound and gagged the girl with my usual methods.She was certainly a beauty.Dark,shoulder length hair,with a fantastic figure,and I loved her white shirt,with a black mini-skirt.

Her name was Louise,and I had to rein in my lust for her,knowing I had to secure her.

Tying her hands behind her back,securing her ankles together,winding more ropes over and below her chest.Then,I gagged her,either stuffing a balled up cloth into her mouth,before tying a large piece of cloth over her mouth keeping it in.Sometimes,I used black,silver or white tape,fully enjoying the experience too,when I smoothed it over Louise's mouth,making she could hardly speak.

In this case,I'd used black tape,which was a huge favourite of mine.I thought Louise looked really sexy like that.

After I'd tied up Louise,one of the big boys came into room where I had to stand guard over her.

'Pick her up,and put her in the van,'he curtly ordered me.'There's somebody that wants to see you.'

I did as he ordered,promptly picking the girl up into a firemans carry over my shoulder,and gently took her into the rear of the waiting van.We sped off within seconds,undetected.

Our home of operations,was a huge warehouse by the Dover docks.We didn't have to worry about security checks,as we had our own people on the inside.

Anyway,once the van had entered the warehouse,a couple of the gang carried the money bags out,and I was ordered to bring the girl.I did.

I was led into one of the warehouse's offices,and my throat when dry when I recognised some people waiting for me there.

But there was somebody else there,which intrigued me.I could quite clearly see he was a Sheik,and a very powerful one.He even had his own bodyguards there,who looked just as tough.

I suddenly got an incline what was coming,but decided to wait and see.

My main boss was there,and he was known simply as that;'the boss' Nobody,apart from his own trusted few,would reveal that.He too,looked tough and he was.He hadn't reached the top of his ladder by acting kindly.

Anyway,I had carried the girl in as ordered,and was told to put her down and hold her.I did.

I could instantly see the relish in the Sheik's eyes,as he scanned Louise's bound figure.She was involuntary stiffening against me,but I held her easily.There was no escape for her.Simple as.

'Oh yes,'the Sheik then moved in front of her,lifting her chin.'I like this one.She is a beauty.'

He stepped back,studying her bonds before his gaze settled on me.

'You tied and gagged her?'

'Yes sir,'I responded back politely.

'Excellent!'the Sheik smiled at me.'You are an expert.My compliments.'

I nodded to him politely again,when he then turned back to the boss,and what he said to him,totally surprised me.

'You did indeed,speak the truth,my friend,'the Sheik smiled as he said that.'Your man is highly skilled at securing a pretty captive.'

'He's had plenty of practice,'I heard the boss reply.'I'll give him that.'

'I would like to hire him.I could use a good man like this.'

My face must have been something to look at,because I noticed sly smiles,but then,the Sheik came towards me again,now stroking Louise's cheek.

'Well,would you like to accept my generous offer,my friend?'the Sheik asked me.'I promise you,the rewards will be,shall we say,quite enjoyable.'

I certainly didn't want to refuse,or upset my boss.One thing I valued,was my health.

'Of course,'I nodded politely again to him.

'Excellent,'the tone in the Sheik's voice was pleased,as he turned to his two tough bodyguards,ordering them to take the girl to his private boat.

I let them take Louise from me,and watched them put her into a large wooden crate.

Before they closed the lid though,I watched one of the bodyguards grip Louise tightly from behind,whilst the other had produced a syringe.I guessed it was some sort of drug.

I think I guessed right.Although I stood indifferently,watching Louise's frantic struggles,the syringe was easily injected into her arm,and within moments,her entire body went limp,as she sagged into the crate.Then,the two bodyguards hammered the crate lid shut.

Well,it wasn't long after that,when we executed a perfect escape.I was led towards the Sheik's private boat,and was completely taken aback,seeing how big it was.

I watched several wooden crates being loaded onto the boat,and couldn't help but ask,if there was a girl hidden in them.The answer was yes;all bound and gagged too.I wasn't surprised at that.

Anyway,once all the crates had been loaded,we cast off,and I was treated as an honoured guest.

I noticed the Sheik had several attendents,ready to obey his next command,and I also noticed several girls too close to him.

As I expected,they were all dressed in blue harem outfits,and their faces were covered in veils.I could just see their eyes,but I could definitely see they were all stunningly beautiful.

I did notice though,that each girl had their hands behind their backs,and I immediately knew they were all tied up.I thought they were probably gagged too,behind their veils,although I could not tell for sure.

The Sheik then invited me to his personal chambers on board the boat.I was still gawking at how much luxury abounded here.The Middle East certainly had plenty of wealth.

I was invited for a drink with my new empoloyer,and it was a very pleasant chat.The terms and money the Sheik offered me,left me to sneer at my previous employers,but I was still curious.

'So,what is it you'd like me to do for you?' I asked him.

'My wealth is one of the most richest in the Middle East,my friend,'he responded.'Most of that wealth,as you will already know,comes from the modern slave network.I have a huge harem,and I make sure every one of my girls,is of the finest quality.But I need reliable people to keep them secure.I suspect a spy in my palace,so I need my bodyguards to protect me.This is where you come in,David.'

I was quite surprised he used my first name,but was still intrigued.

'A spy?' I asked.

'Indeed,'the Sheik nodded.'An English woman,working in the grounds outside my palace,but my people have confirmed she is watching me.I want you to catch her in the act,and bring her to me.'There was a nasty smile on the Sheik's face,before he went on:'Then,she can join my harem.'

'Of course,'I agreed,eager to help.'I'll need a picture,and your latest intelligence on her movements.'

'That of course,will be granted.But in the meantime-'I noticed the smile was more pleasant this time'-please enjoy my hospitality.'

He then led me to one of the boat's cabins,and on opening it,I immediately recognised Louise,still out cold,bound and gagged,but this time:on the bed.

Her hands had been removed from her back,and they'd been tied securely to the expensively decorated headboard.Her mini-skirt had been removed,and her feet tied seperately to each corner of the bed.My lust increased dramatically,seeing her like that.

'Please enjoy yourself with her,David,'the Sheik was still smiling.'She is a worthy prize,and I will fully enjoy ravishing her myself.Once you have satisfied yourself with her,I have plenty more girls for you to enjoy.'

With that said,he left me alone with Louise.I strode up to her still senseless form,and sat on the bed,looking at her.

She was sleeping peacefully,and I had to admit,I gaped at her impressive breasts rising as she breathed.

I then checked her bonds,but knew instantly,there was no need to worry.Louise had no chance of escaping them.I had after all,tied her up.

Her gag too,was still secure as I checked the black tape over her mouth,and was very pleased.I did like to look at pretty girls bound and gagged/

That's when I became really bad.

I was still sitting on the bed,looking at Louise,who was now beginning to stir.That's when my lust grabbed me,and I was so looking forward to it.

It took a few moments for her to be fully awake,and when she realised her predicament,her eyes bulged at me above the gag.

I was now determined to do one thing,and I fully savoured my prize.

Leaning forward on the bed,I pressed myself on top of Louise,squeezing both her magnificent breasts.This made her scream in utter terror,but the gag did its job,and she could only faintly mumble in fear.

Now it was my turn to have a nasty smile,as I kept squeezing her breasts.Then,I began to kiss her neck.I could imagine her clenching her eyes shut in disgust,but that wasn't going to stop me.

She was frantically struggling beneath me,desperately trying to break free from her bonds,but again;she stood no chance,and I kept up my assault on her.

Gradually,I began to grow hard,and with eager delight,lowered my jeans and underwear,which produced another considerably muffled shriek from Louise,but I ignored that.Instead,I pressed on...

I raped Louise,and did so several times.I found her to be a thrilling conquest.She tried to fight me all the way,but bound and gagged,she had no chance.

Once I'd spent myself,I raised myself off Louise,and headed for a much needed shower.Glancing back at her,I could see I'd exhausted her.She lay flat out on the bed.Every climax I'd forced on her,had been the best I'd ever done,and with Louise helpless in my grip,I'd really enjoyed holding her to me.

After I'd refreshed myself,I could see the sheik had entered the room.He was gazing lustfully at Louise,and had his usual,nasty smile back on.

I realised the sheets on the bed,were completely covered by my own semen,and thought I'd better apologise.

Fortunately,I didn't have too,as my new employer turned to me.

'She pleased you?'

'Oh yes,'I fully agreed.'She's the best.'

'Excellent!' the nasty smile stayed on his face.'After the bed has been changed,I shall have her immediately.'

Louise gave off another,yet faint frightened mumble behind her gag,realising she was going to be raped again.But she could not resist.I'd seen to that.

The sheik clapped his hands,and almost immediately,several of the girls dressed in their harem outfits entered the room.

They took no notice of the stained sheets,and two of them promptly untied Louise from the bed.One of them gripped her arms behind her,and had to admit,I was impressed.These girls were very strong.

I was interested in the girl holding Louise.She looked Indian,and her dark eyes intrigued me.

She was just a little taller than Louise,and like all the other girls,held a really good figure.I'd always loved girls with dark hair,and continued to examine her.

The sheik noticed my interest,and smiled more pleasantly at me.

'I see you like one of my collection,David.She is Shilpa,a quite recent addition to my harem.'

'She's very beautiful,'I responded,totally unable to take my eyes off the Indian girl.

'I'm pleased you approve,my friend,'the sheik replied.'Once things are sorted out here,you can have her.Shilpa enjoys her bondage,and pleases me.I sincerely hope she pleases you.'

He then walked over to her,and lifted the veil over the girl's head.

I had been right.Although Shilpa wasn't tied up,she was currently gagged.A tight,black cloth,had been tied over her mouth.How long she'd been like that,I had no idea,but I liked seeing her that way.

Then,the sheik removed Shilpa's gag,and lifted her chin.

'You will please my guest,won't you,my dear?'

'Yes master,'Shilpa's voice was quiet.That excited me too.

'Good,but I shall be waiting to hear you have.'

His nasty smile had returned,as he tied Shilpa's gag back into place.

The bed had been changed in record time,and no sooner had it been done so,the harem girls forced Louise back onto the bed.She was tied up again quickly,but just as tightly in the same position.She was still trying to scream,but without any success whatsover.

'Thank you,ladies,'the sheik nodded his thanks.'You may leave us now,except you,Shilpa.'

Shilpa promptly obeyed,as the rest of the girls exited,and I walked over to her.

'You will find some more rope there,David,'the sheik gestured at some,and I noticed it.I grabbed it,and was pleased to see plenty of it.

'Now,my friend,if you will excuse me,'the sheik was now sitting on the bed,rubbing his hands lovingly along Louise's legs.'I shall enjoy this western beauty,and you may enjoy the delights of the East.'

My lust came back,as I gripped Shilpa's hands behind her,and forced her out of the cabin.The coils of rope ready on my forearm.

With great relish,I forced Shilpa into another of the boat's cabins.It wasn't as big as the sheik's cabin,but it was more than enough for my sinister intentions.

I first thought about tying Shilpa to the bed,but I was still weary from my exertions on Louise.
Instead,I decided to tie her to one of the chairs.There were a couple of hard backed wooden ones,but they were not your cheap stuff.I could tell all the furniture in this cabin,was very,very expensive.

'Sit down please,Shilpa,'I ordered her ploitely,although firmly.'I'm going to tie you up here.Please put your hands behind you.'

She did so without complaint,(mind you,she was gagged)but I was still pleased as I began to wind the rope around her wrists,firmly lashing them together and securing them to the back of the chair.

I then wound more ropes over her chest,with four loops wound tightly over and below her breasts,keeping her trapped on the chair,before I finally finished tying her ankles to one of the lower struts.

Once I'd finished,I then heard the sheik from next door.He was snarling away,and I heard Louise's faint,but still gagged cries as they both climaxed together.This actually made Shilpa jump slightly,and my pleasure increased.

I knelt down in front of her,and smiled,lifting her chin.Her eyes did indeed,show fear at me.

I then had an idea,and it was something I'd always wanted to do.Looking back after I'd ravished Louise,I wish I'd done it then.

No matter.There was always next time.

'I'm going to take your gag off,Shilpa,because you're going to do something for me.I hope you'll still be sensible?'

She didn't respond to me,but it was no problem.It was me in total control over her.

I removed the cloth covering her mouth.Her eyes were bulging at me.

'What are you going to do?' Shilpa then asked me.Her voice was still quiet,but again,I liked that.

'I can see you are very pretty,Shilpa,'I told her,still keeping a gentle hold on her chin.'However,I'm interested in tasting that pretty mouth of yours.So please,I hope for your sake you're not going to bite me.'

I moved in,as I explored her mouth.My tongue starting to interact with hers.

This is going to be interesting,I thought.

The End?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy Birthday,and 3 years running.

Well,I've managed to survive another year,on this miserable,unfriendly planet;but still very pleased to announce I've managed to keep my blogs going for 3 years.

I read with disgust how some people slag other people off,just because they were only on the Internet for a couple of years,doing other damsel in distress stuff,and then vanishing for good.

To me,they tried and managed to put up some great stuff,and still certain people(if you can call them that) start taking the mick out of them.It's especially annoying just because they've managed to keep their own stuff going longer,they think they're better than everybody else.What a bunch of tossers.

Anyway,moving away from those jerks,I've got another treat today,as me and Larry have finished our collaboration on page 2.

We're now working on page 3,and I hope this is well liked.I know it's not going to be everybody's cup of tea,but I love Larry's style,(just like my other favourite artists)and it's great fun to work out.And I love seeing the final result.Personally,I don't care if somebody doesn't like it,it's my idea,and I wanted to share my damsel in distress ideas with fellow fans.

On a final note,I just want to say something about the comments.For the most part,I've really liked them,but I don't like it when certain people start SAYING THINGS LIKE THIS.Every time I see that,I've got the impression they're not happy about something.

Well,tough.It doesn't cost anything to be polite,and again,I'll repeat this without being rude to you:It's my blog,and I'll put up what I like on it.The same rule applies for the comments.

Well,fingers crossed,nobody's going to put up some nasty remark spoiling my birthday.