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Takachi's Revenge Chapter 1

Suzuki Yamamoto wearily stopped the alarm buzzing from her bed.She glanced sleepily at the time displayed on the alarm clock.It read 0600,and reluctantly,she raised herself out of her bed,to head into the shower.After cleaning and drying herself thoroughly,Suzuki headed back into her room,to get dressed.Within a few minutes,she was glancing at herself in the mirror.Her police uniform made her appear very smart.Suzuki wore a smartly pressed blue shirt,matched with an almost blue,knee length skirt.She checked her dark blue nylons,and was satisfied that she'd do well at inspection,once she'd reach work.All of her police colleagues were inspected every morning,by their superiors.They did this to constantly check for anybody,who wasn't so keen on inspections.Punishment could be quite severe,but Suzuki knew it was done to keep them on their toes,and it did show benefits.

Now that Suzuki was dressed,she put on her shoes,a pair of smartly polished,black high heeled shoes.She then went downstairs to prepare breakfast.Once this was done,Suzuki headed back upstairs to stop outside another bedroom.She knocked politely on the door,then opened it.There was a familiar,sleeping figure on the bed inside.Suzuki walked over to the bed,and knelt down,shaking a visible shoulder.

'Wake up,little sister.'Suzuki spoke close to her sibling.'Breakfast is ready.'

There was a stirring,as her sister blearily opened her eyes.Once she recognised who was speaking to her,she pulled the blankets back over her head.

'Go away.'was what Suzuki heard from beneath the blankets.

'Come on,Kieko.'Suzuki's voice became a little more firmer,as she walked forward to kneel down by her youngest sister's bed.She gently shook Kieko's shoulder,saying.'It's time to get up.'

The only result Suzuki noticed,was that Kieko didn't budge an inch.She accepted that her sister wasn't going to obey her,so with a quiet smile on her face,Suzuki suddenly grabbed the blankets on Kieko's bed,and yanked them off.Kieko,dressed in Mickey Mouse pyjamas,suddenly squealed in surprise at this.She bent her knees,as she appeared to be fully awake now.Her face glared at Suzuki.

'Hey!'Kieko was furious with her.'What did you do that for?'

'Two very good reasons,young lady.'Suzuki answered calmly.'First and foremost,I am your elder sister,so you will respect and obey my wishes.Secondly,have you forgotten what day it is today?'

'What's that got to do with it?'Kieko had now angrily grabbed the blankets back,and lay back on the bed,wanting more sleep.

'Your English friends are coming today,remember?'Suzuki reminded.

This seemed to do the trick.Kieko's eyes suddenly snapped wide awake,as she flung herself out of bed.

'Jennings san!'She called out excitedly,as she hurried into the shower.Suzuki kept her faint smile,as she heard Kieko then ask.'What time are they arriving?'

'You have forgotten that also,I see.'Suzuki just shook her head sadly.'Their plane arrives at Nine o'clock.You told me that many times yourself.'

She then heard Kieko turn on the shower,and Suzuki headed back into the kitchen.Father will be up soon.She thought.Better prepare his breakfast too,and she did.Kieko had showered quickly.All the sleep and tiredness,had now vanished from her system.She was so looking forward to being reunited with Jennings,and his younger sister,Sarah.Kieko and Jennings had kept in touch,since he'd rescued her from those slavers clutches,back in the Thai jungle.Even though Kieko had made a strong recovery from it,she still couldn't help,but sometimes shudder,especially when she remembered that awful Chinese woman,Kim Yang.She'd written many letters to Jennings,who always replied,and was pleased to see him write that both his younger sisters,had also made a full recovery from their own ordeals.However,he'd also written their chief abductor,Kim Yang,had simply vanished into thin air.Kieko certainly hoped she'd seen the last of her.

She finished her shower,and after drying herself,Kieko chose to wear a white shirt,and a pair of blue jeans.She put on a pair of trainers,and went into the kitchen.Suzuki was already there,dishing out her breakfast.It was just then that the girls noticed their father enter the kitchen.Toshiro Yamamoto held an average figure,but he possessed a first class brain,and used it to great effect.Just like his eldest daughter,Suzuki,he was an officer in the Tokyo police department,and an extremely efficient one.He'd done a lot of good work,making a lot of Tokyo free from criminal activity.So much so,that he was rapidly promoted to command a large district of Tokyo,especially by the docks.Yamamoto really had his work cut out there.He faced many problems,ranging from smuggling to taking on the strong yakuza presence there.His people had intercepted many shipments sent over to these ruthless gangsters,and as expected,they didn't take kindly to it.Threats,including death ones,were repeatedly sent to him,but Yamamoto was made of stern stuff.He refused to be intimidated by these gangsters,and took the fight to them.His success rate,was very high indeed,making him a hugely popular officer.

Yamamoto had just picked up the post,and had walked into the kitchen.Both his daughters had stood up,and immediately bowed deeply to him.

'Good morning,Father.'Both Kieko and Suzuki greeted him in unison.

He nodded to them,and returned their affectionate gesture,answering.'Continue your breakfast.'

Both girls sat back down at the table,and resumed eating.Yamamoto joined them,and Suzuki pushed his own breakfast towards him.He then handed over the girls post to them.Suzuki had some new details from work,as she was pursuing a promotion,and she opened the letter up.It was good news.

'My exam results are at the end of the week,Father.'Suzuki informed him.She was very pleased,now knowing a date had been set,and she couldn't wait.Suzuki was a lot like her father.She worked,and studied very hard.Suzuki was totally dedicated to her police role.She studied,and worked very hard indeed.Of course,she did have a sense of humour,but it wasn't shown much by her.Suzuki felt she didn't have much time for laughs.Kieko on the other hand,was bubbly,and really gregarious.She was highly popular amongst her own work colleagues,and Kieko had many friends,from all over the world.Of course,that didn't mean Kieko worked just as hard.She loved her job,working for Japanese naval intelligence.It meant dealing with any threat to Japan,or even outside her country.There had been many benefits,as everybody worked together to fight any malicious plans being prepared,especially when innocent lives were being threatened.It felt good to stop these actions,wherever it was.

Her father had handed her a letter.Kieko instantly knew it was from Jennings.She eagerly opened it up,and was pleased to see he'd written several pages for her.There were also some postcards he'd enclosed,and Kieko read he was looking forward to seeing her again,and meeting her family.Her father too,had expressed that wish,knowing his youngest daughter had been rescued from modern,ruthless slave dealers.In fact,he'd asked Kieko what had happened,who told him the whole story.Yamamoto knew a name Kieko had told him,that he knew full well.This wasn't good news.When Kieko had told him about the fight in the 'Eastern Princess' engine room,she'd said Takachi had fallen to his death,whilst Jennings rescued Sarah.But of course,Takachi's body was never recovered.

This made Yamamoto worry.He knew all about Takachi,a high profile yakuza boss,who dominated much of the Tokyo underworld.His reputation was fearsome,and his thugs bullied,intimidated many innocent people,as he gained more and more power.A lot of people were terrified of him.Not so,Yamamoto.He was made of stern stuff,and was always willing to accept any challenge.He'd done so many times,when he was an ordinary patrolman on the streets.His superiors soon recognised his bravery,and skills,and rewarded him.He was promoted,and was soon able to pick his own people.Yamamoto made sure he chose suitable candidates,from the military.In other words,Yamamoto always got people who were great thinkers,and would not allow themselves to be bullied,or intimidated.It was a system that worked really well.He'd been able to launch a deadly counter on Takachi's reign of terror,forcing his yakuza away from decent people,and this made Yamamoto more popular than ever.

Takachi however,had been livid with fury.He swore revenge on Yamamoto,and especially on his family.Yamamoto always worried for his Suzuki,and Kieko.If anything happened to them,he'd swore vengeance on anybody responsible for hurting his daughters,even deadly yakuza.

They all finished their breakfast,and then headed towards their garage,where their car was waiting for them.Yamamoto opened the rear door to allow his daughters climb in,before he sat on the driving seat,and then drove off,heading towards the airport.None of them had seen,that their departure had been watched by unfriendly eyes.


With a screech of its tyres,the 747 made a perfect landing at Tokyo International airport.The plane was then taxied away from the busy airport traffic,as small trucks approached it,carrying the huge,portable stairways,that they'd put up against the doors of the plane,when it finally stopped.Inside the plane,there was a full complement of passengers,as they readied themselves to exit the plane.Two of the passengers,were Jennings,and Sarah.Sarah had fully loved every minute of the flight,having the travel bug,whilst her brother had closed his eyes in utter relief,knowing they'd landed safely.He hated flying,and whilst he'd done it on his military duties,Jennings didn't really care much for civilian airlines.He also felt naked on them,not having the defensive hardware to thwart off any attempt,to blow them out of the sky.

Sarah was eagerly looking forward to seeing Kieko,and her family.She and her brother had still kept in touch,ever since that adventure on the doomed cruise ship,the 'Eastern Princess.'All of the girls,who'd been abducted by Kim Yang,had stayed in touch.They'd formed an unbreakable friendship,and Sarah was so pleased,that they'd all been saved by John.Of course she knew that all the girls still wrote to him,and she could see they all had their eyes on him.Sarah smiled to herself at that thought.She knew why Kieko had invited them here,and John had admitted to her,that he really liked Kieko.

Turning to him,Sarah saw him close his eyes in overwhelming relief.She held his hand,to support him.

'I take it you didn't enjoy your flight,John?'She smiled,as she asked him that.

Jennings opened his eyes,and seeing his sister's smile,returned it.

'It was okay.'He never admitted to being frightened,but he was glad to get back on the ground,and said that.

'You worry too much,John.'Sarah still kept her smile,telling him.'Flying is the safest way to travel.'

Jennings made no reply to that,only squeezing Sarah's hand gently,as they then saw all the other passengers get their hand luggage,from up above them.He and Sarah did the same.Then,finally,the doors were opened by the highly efficient ground crews,and everybody got up to leave the plane.They passed through customs,and obtained their luggage.Jennings noticed Kieko straight away,and she spotted him too.Forgetting the traditional Japanese greeting,Kieko ran straight up to him,and they both warmly embraced.Jennings actually spun her through the air.

'Jennings san!'Kieko was kissing his face like mad,and she was starting to cry tears of joy.It had been a while since she'd last seen him,and Kieko was determined to make his and Sarah's stay enjoyable.

'Hello,Kieko.'Jennings was still enjoying Kieko's greeting,but he could see Kieko's father,and her sister waiting,so he then whispered to her.'I'd better say hello to your family.'

Kieko nodded,as Jennings let her greet Sarah.Both girls were really pleased to see each other again,and gave each other a warm greeting too.They then walked up to Kieko's family.Kieko then introduced them.

'This is my father,Jennings san,and my elder sister,Suzuki.'

'Konnichiwa,Mr Yamamoto.'Jennings put his hand on his heart,and bowed deeply to them both.He had learnt from Kieko,that the deeper you bowed to somebody in Japan,the more respect you were showing.He'd also learnt a little Japanese too,but it was only simple basics.Privately,Jennings hoped Kieko's father and sister,would speak English to him.Both Yamamoto and Suzuki bowed respectfully back to him,and Yamamoto then offered his hand.

'I am very pleased to meet you,Mr Jennings.'Yamamoto was pleased to see the Englishman accept his hand.Both shook it firmly,as it should be.He the turned to Suzuki,gesturing for her to come forward.'This is Suzuki,my eldest daughter.'

Suzuki gave them both a polite,yet still warm smile.She exchanged hugs and kisses as Kieko had done.She liked the look of Jennings.He was tall,strong,but his eyes were gentle.She could see why Kieko had fallen for him.If she hadn't immersed herself in her work,Suzuki would have liked to have found out more about him.She could see Kieko giving her a warning look,fully recognising her sister's interest.Jennings in return,thought back to Kieko describing her elder sister.

'Suzuki's great.'She had written in an earlier letter to him.'But she does drive me mad sometimes.You wonder if she ever smiles,or laughs.All she thinks about,is her job.'

Jennings had recognised the smart blue police uniform Suzuki was wearing,and he also saw the seriousness in her eyes.True,she had greeted he and Sarah genuinely,but Jennings could tell she had to be somewhere else.In fact,Suzuki mentioned it.

'Will you drop me off at work,please,father?'She asked.

Yamamoto nodded,but then went to help with their guests luggage.Both he and Jennings carried the bigger suitcases to the car,and after Yamamoto had carefully placed them in the boot,politely refusing Jennings' offers of assistance,opened the car door again,to let them in.Kieko had already translated to Jennings and Sarah,that they were dropping Suzuki off first at her work.Neither of them objected to it.

Yamamoto then drove off.Suzuki sat in the front with him,whilst Kieko made sure she sat next to Jennings.Sarah was thrilled,looking outside,fully enjoying the sights racing by her.

'John,I can't believe we're here,in Japan!'Her voice was excited,and her brother nodded in agreement.

'Yes,Japan's always a place I've wanted to come and visit,Sarah.'

'I've got loads of things planned for you.'Kieko had already worked out what,and where she was going to take them.'You'll both have a great time here.I'll see to that.'

Suzuki glanced at Jennings again in the mirror,secretly admiring the Englishman's powerful physique.Jennings noticed it,and gave her another polite smile.Suzuki blushed faintly,but she also noticed Kieko glaring at her.

I know that look.Suzuki thought wearily,recognising Kieko's expression.She's saying hands off.

Still,it was a very pleasant atmosphere,as they drove on.Then,Yamamoto pulled the car up to a stop outside a police station.Suzuki then turned to face Jennings and Sarah.

'I will see you shortly,once I have finished my shift.'Suzuki addressed them in perfect English,and both of them smiled politely at her,wishing her well.She then kissed her father thanks,and said goodbye to Kieko too.Then,Suzuki exited the car,and after waving them off,entered the station.

It was a busy day,as she noticed all her fellow officers perform their tasks.Suzuki then reached her own desk.It was immaculately kept,with no sign of a mess anywhere.That wasn't her idea of fun.All her files were kept neatly,and her computer sat on her desk,ready to offer any new information she needed.

Her own duty assignment for today was waiting for her on the desk,and opening it up,Suzuki saw that she'd been ordered to report to Captain Sakai,her superior.Automatically,Suzuki glanced for Kimie.This was Captain Sakai's daughtet,who was also a police officer.She was great friends with Kimie,as they'd walked many patrols together.The last she'd heard from Kimie was that she'd been called in,to do some investigating at a bank,but there'd been no contact from her.

Still,Suzuki was confident she would see Kimie again.For the moment though,the Captain required her presence,and she headed towards his private office.He was there,and after she knocked on his door,waved at her to come in.

Captain Sakai was sitting behind his desk,working through a mass of paperwork on it.Suzuki could see he looked worried.She also noticed a photo of Kimie,that was always on his desk,and he was making constant,frequent glances at his daughter's photograph.Something's wrong.Suzuki thought,now worried herself.She didn't doubt that for a moment.

Sakai however,managed a faint smile at her,and gestured for her to sit down.Like her father,Sakai was a very well respected officer.He was a close friend of the family,and like Yamamoto,was a hard taskmaster.He was firm,but fair.He too,was determined to fight the criminal element,threatening decent people,especially the yakuza element.Sakai knew the yakuza would always be there,but he too,followed the right advice that Yamamoto always urged against these thugs.

'Never let them intimidate you.'He'd said.'Never give in to them.If you do that,you will always prevail.'

Both Sakai and Suzuki had agreed whole heartedly.Her father had indeed,worked miracles,clearing up many crime ridden areas of Tokyo.Yet,the yakuza menace was always there,and the battles were still constant.

'How are you,Officer Yamamoto?'Sakai asked her politely.

'Fine,thank you Sir.'Suzuki answered.

'Good.Because I need you for a special assignment.Undercover work.'

This thrilled Suzuki,although she kept calm.Undercover work!Suzuki had always dreamed of doing something like this.Getting into the bad guys hideout,and watching their movements,before she could call in the good guys to make the arrests.Now,she had her chance.

Sakai then handed her several photographs.Suzuki glanced through them all.The first picture she saw,was a modern type office building.She could see a sign above it saying.'National Treasures Bank of Japan.'All the other photographs showed women.Suzuki could see the women were all young,and very attractive.In fact,some of them were drop dead gorgeous.Still,she was slightly puzzled,as she glanced back up at her Captain.

'The bank you saw on the first picture,has been under suspicion for some time.'Sakai started to explain.'All the women you saw on those photos,have disappeared.Every one of them,was last seen going into that bank.Some worked there,whilst there have also been customer disappearances too.'

'Any information on this bank,Captain?'Suzuki asked.

'Indeed there is.'Sakai nodded.'They only open accounts,for single,young women,and only employ women of the same virtue.'

'That's unusual,Sir.'Suzuki admitted.'You sent anybody in to investigate this bank?'

'I did.'This time,Sakai's smile disappeared,as he glanced at Kimie's photo on his desk.Suzuki clearly saw his worried face,and had a terrible incline at what he was going to say next.'I sent my own daughter in,but haven't heard from her.'

Suzuki's face now mirrored Sakai's.She knew Kimie was a very confident,police officer.Surely she couldn't be in trouble?

'No contact at all,Sir?'Suzuki felt an idiot asking that.He'd just told her,but Sakai didn't rebuke her.

'I'm afraid not.Kimie was supposed to check in last night.She never called in,and she's not answering her phone.I even went to her house,but there's no sign of her.She'll always leave me a note,saying where she's going.There was nothing.'

Suzuki fully heard the worried tone in his voice,but then he went on more positively.

'Now of course,I could order the bank raided,but if those girls,and Kimie are there,I don't want to endanger them.So,I would like you to go in,and see if they're there.'He paused momentarily,before asking her.'Will you do it?'

'Of course,Captain.'Suzuki didn't hesitate.A friend was in trouble,and she had no intention of refusing.

'Thank you.'Sakai's smile returned in gratitude.It was a faint one,but he was gratified.Although,his voice was still serious,as he went on.'We'll equip you with a wire,so we can listen in to who you talk to,and we'll have all exits covered.But remember,Suzuki,you will be on your own.Are you still certain you want to do this?'

'Yes,Sir.'Suzuki's voice was adamant.'I do.'Then,she asked him.'How do I get in,Sir?'

'Believe it or not,they are advertising vacancies,and are interviewing new people as we speak.More precisely,they're asking for females.You'll have to apply for one of the positions.'

'I'll get on it immediately,Captain.'Suzuki then stood up,and respectfully saluted him.'Don't worry,Sir.If Kimie is there,I'll get her back for you.'

Suzuki then left his office,to head back to her own desk.Sakai watched her leave.He sincerely hoped she'd be okay.Suzuki,like Kimie before her,was a very confident,and capable officer.He knew her father had taught her well,yet somehow,Sakai had a nasty feeling he'd just put her into the lion's mouth.

Suzuki had reached her desk,and immediately turned on her computer.Straight away,she entered the internet,and then typed in the National Treasures Bank of Japan's details.The results came up instantly,and Suzuki rested her chin on her hands,as she studied the information displayed on the webpage.Everything looked legitimate,and it was an impressive read,for anybody interested working in finance.However,Suzuki then spotted the job vacancies advertised,and she read the details.

'Only single young women need apply.'She mummured to herself.'Ages from 22 to 27.'

Straight away,Suzuki smelt a rat.But now,she had a start,and after finding the relevent telephone number,wrote it down,and then dialled it.


The two men lay perfectly concealed outside the Yamamoto home.Both were waiting for their targets to return,and had strict instructions to observe everything that went on here.They were both equipped with binoculars,radio walkie talkies,and ominously,silenced pistols.

They then saw Yamamoto drive back into his grounds.After stopping the car,they watched him exit,followed by Jennings,Sarah,and finally,Kieko.Yamamoto went to take in his guests luggage,who still politely refused Jennings' offers of help.They all then,entered the house.One of them took his walkie talkie,and reported in.

'Yamamoto has returned.'The man spoke softly into the receiver.'He's with his youngest daughter,plus two Westerners.'

'You have secured surveillance,in the house?'A man's cold voice came back at them instantly,over the radio.

'We did it earlier.'The first man answered.'When they were out.'

'Very well.'The man's voice was still cold,and didn't offer them any congratulations on that.They actually heard the faint voice of a woman,speaking to him in the background,before he came back to them.'Find out who those Westerners are.'


Both men resumed their spying duties.

Inside the house,Yamamoto and Kieko were preparing drinks for their guests.Both Jennings and Sarah gratefully accepted them.Kieko gave him his,and she sat down next to him,linking her arm through his.Yamamoto gave Sarah hers,and sat down opposite them.He could see Kieko was totally absorbed by Jennings,and even though he would always be eternally grateful to the Englishman for saving his daughter's life,he still wished Kieko could have chosen somebody much more closer to home.

'How long do you plan to stay in Japan,Mr Jennings?' Yamamoto asked him in Japanese.He saw immediately,that he really annoyed Kieko,who glared at him,but she translated for him.

'Oh,a month,that's all.'Jennings replied.'I hope that's okay,Mr Yamamoto?'

'Of course it is.'Kieko told her father in her own language.'It was what we earlier agreed,wasn't it,Father?'

Yamamoto clearly heard the disapproval in Kieko's voice,but refrained from rebuking her.He didn't want to start a fight with her.So,he nodded.

'Yes,you and your sister are most welcome here.'He said,still in Japanese.'I am honoured by your visit.'

Kieko's faint hostility vanished,to be replaced by a loving smile.Yamamoto knew Kieko had literally bullied him into accepting her wishes.Seeing her happy,was all he wanted to see,and Kieko was very,very happy indeed.He had hoped his daughters would meet somebody much more closer to home.Suzuki of course,was simply too busy in finding a man,but Kieko had her eyes firmly set on Jennings.Yamamoto hoped they'd be happy together,and also hoped there would be no problems.


As shown on it's photograph,the National Treasures Bank of Japan appeared a small place.However,when one entered the building,they would have seen a totally different place.The bank's interior was very well designed,and there was plenty of space to work in.The female cashiers wore friendly smiles,as they greeted their only allowed female customers.The female employees were also smartly dressed.Each girl wore a white shirt,with a knee length,black skirt.This was mandatory,imposed by the management,insisting on this dress code.The girls were allowed to choose their own nylons,but each had to wear a highly polished pair of black,high heeled shoes.This made every one of the girls who worked here,extremely attractive.

Set well back from the reception area,were the back room offices.In these rooms,the management of the bank could oversee the running of their buisiness,in complete privacy.In one of these rooms,were three people,a man,and two women.The man was Japanese,and he was sitting behind a desk,wearing a cold,determined,even ruthless expression.His face,at the moment though,was grinning.One of the women was Japanese also,the other was Chinese.However,the Japanese girl wasn't grinning.She couldn't,as a large strip of black tape covered her mouth.She sat helpless,with her hands tied behind her back,and her upper body was tied tight,with many loops of rope wound over,and below her chest.Her ankles were tied together,being forced to one of the lower struts.Her expression was full of fear,as she stared wide eyed,at her captors.The other woman was Chinese,and like the Japanese man,she too,was grinning.Both were observing their captive,with interest.It was they that had bound and gagged her to the chair she was now sitting on.Every loop of rope they'd wound over,and below her chest,had been pulled as tight as possible,firmly holding her onto the chair.They'd caught her by surprise,as she'd been secretly going through the draws,and files in this office.She'd been forcibly hand gagged by the man,with a deadly blade held at her throat.There had been no choice,but to surrender.Both her captors had enjoyed tying her up,and were now savouring their prisoner,with increasing lust.

'Sorry if you are uncomfortable,Miss Sakai.'The man addressed her,still maintaining his grin.'But we certainly don't want you running away,and telling your police colleagues about our operation here now,do we my dear?'

Kimie Sakai tried to say something,but the tape over her mouth held firm.She could only manage a few faint,and frightened mumbles behind the gag.She'd volunteered her services to go undercover here,at this bank.There had been strong suspicions of kidnappings,possibly linked to a major slavery operation.Kimie had seen it as her duty to stop this sort of thing.She had read all the intelligence reports about this place.A lot of the female staff had simply vanished,and even the female customers was affected.Just like Suzuki before her,Kimie was suspicious about the bank's recruiting methods.Back at the police station,Kimie had persuaded her father to let her try and enter this place.He had finally,but reluctantly agreed.Her efforts had paid off,but now,she was caught,and could only stare in fear at her captors,dreading what they had in mind for her.

In particular,Kimie was very frightened of the Chinese woman,who was calmly observing her,and enjoying her fear filled eyes.This woman had actually interviewed her,in application for the job.Who she was,Kimie had no idea,but she was definitely bad news.Her eyes showed Kimie,that she appeared just as ruthless as the Japanese man.

She was still sitting tied up,when all of a sudden,there was a call.It wasn't from a telephone,but Kimie then saw the man produce a walkie talkie.The man answered,and listened to the man's voice speaking to him.Then,the reply was sent back,as the Japanese man issued sharp orders,to find out who two people were.All Kimie could hear,was that they were from the West.

The man then turned to the Chinese woman sitting opposite him.

'Interesting news.'He stated to her.

'Indeed.'The Chinese woman responded,with a cunning smile.

'You know anything about them?'The man's voice was still interested.

'Let's just say I have my hopes up,about renewing old acquaintances.'

'So you do know something.'The Japanese man smiled thinly.He then took out a bottle of saki,and poured two portions,into two small cups.He then handed one of them over to the Chinese woman,who accepted it.

'I sincerely hope these two have information,about my brother's death.'His thin smile had now vanished,and his voice was now filled with menace.'If I find out they had anything to do with it,I'll be most anxious,to get some answers from them.No matter how I do it.'

The Chinese woman nodded thoughtfully,ignoring the venom spoken in the last part,merely saying.'Hopefully,you won't have to wait too long for that.'

She had of course,her own plans,but wasn't going to tell him that.Instead,she saw his smile return,as he gazed lustfully back,at the bound and gagged girl.

'You have something special planned for the girl?'He inquired.

'I need her as a hostage first.'The woman nodded again,as she stroked a finger through Kimie's smooth,black hair.The girl whimpered behind her gag,and the woman went on.'They're sending in another female officer,to come in undercover,and of course,to try and rescue Miss Sakai.'The woman smiled more menacingly.'In fact,it's an unexpected bonus.It's the eldest daughter of Chief Yamamoto,Suzuki coming here.'

Kimie's eyes bulged in shock above her gag.They were going to seize Suzuki!With her best friend in their clutches,these criminals would always have the edge over their friends.What were they going to do? She then watched the Japanese man sneer.

'Excellent news.Once we have his pretty daughter,and the lovely Miss Sakai here as our hostages,Yamamoto will do anything we demand.'He paused,before finishing.'Even if it means his death.'

Kimie couldn't help,but give a frightened,but considerably muted shriek into her gag.These two were not human beings,but despicable,and callous monsters.Her own thoughts were filled with utter terror.She was still dreading what her captors had in mind for her,when the Chinese woman stroked Kimie's hair again.

'Don't worry,my dear.'She smiled,which made Kimie's skin crawl.'You'll serve me well,as a pretty hostage.Then,I'm going to keep you,as one of my personal sex slaves.I will have the utmost pleasure,in tying you up,and gagging you every day,before I ravish you to my heart's content.'She still kept her sinister smile,lifting Kimie's chin up to her,before finishing.'Once I've had enough of you,I'll sell you to the highest bidder.'

This shocking statement made Kimie go into frantic struggling against the tight ropes,that held her.However,it was useless.Not one of the ropes even moved an inch.Kimie had to concede in utter despair.

Her frantic,but futile efforts had been enjoyed by the woman,who still smirked down at her,keeping a hold of her chin.

'You'll fetch an excellent price,my dear,as will Miss Yamamoto.I'm sure of that,and I really can't wait to see who'll bid for you,after I've had my fun with you both.'

The woman laughed,releasing her chin.Kimie's fear was going into full overdrive.She was a hostage,and soon to be sold into a life of sex slavery,with Suzuki not far off being captured either.The worst thing of all,was that Kimie knew there was nothing,or nobody,who could help her.

Just then,she suddenly found out her kidnappers identities,as the Chinese woman raised her cup of saki to the man.

'It's a pleasure to do buisness with you,Mr Takachi.'

The man known as Takachi nodded politely back,raising his own cup in return.

'Likewise,Miss Yang.'

Kim Yang smiled.She had much to look forward too.

Chapter 2 to follow...

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Voyage into Slavery Chapter 31

With Angela now in safe hands,Jennings was determined to get Kelly away from Kim Yang's men.There was no way he'd let these thugs take advantage over his sister.He could still hear the eager shouting from Kim Yang's men,and headed in that direction,although he still kept his eyes open for any more threats,human or non-human.

He then spotted Kelly.She was easy enough to see,still attempting to flee in her white uniform.Quickly,he headed over to her,anticipating her route.He could see that she would run past several thick trees,and he moved quickly to wait in position to grab her.He then motioned for Panna to hide too.The Thai did so,and waited.Jennings heard her running steps come closer,with the eager shouts right behind her.He tensed,as he then saw Kelly running closer tensed.He waited until her fleeing figure had just raced by the tree he stood behind,and quickly grabbed her.He wrapped one arm around her waist,and clamped his hand over Kelly's mouth,tightly hand gagging her.Then,like a flash,he pulled her out of sight,from Kim Yang's pursuing men.He hated himself for seizing Kelly like this,but knew it had to be done.To stand out in front of her,may have given away his presence to the enemy.But he knew it had to be done.He made sure he kept a tight hold of Kelly,but he then took a hold of her hand,squeezing it gently.

'Ssshh,Kelly,it's John.'Jennings whispered softly into her ear.He felt her tense in his grip.'It's okay.Don't make a sound.'

He squeezed her hand gently again.It was a reassuring,and affectionate gesture he did frequently to Sarah and Kelly.The girls loved him doing that.He then heard more footsteps,and there were now men present.He then had good news though,as Kelly had now recognised his voice,and had squeezed his hand back.In fact,she was grasping it tightly.

Jennings then gently placed a hand on her shoulder,still whispering.'Down,Kelly,down.'

He still kept his hand over her mouth,but it was a gentle grip,and Kelly didn't resist,as she understood the need to be totally silent,and she allowed her brother to gently push her down.Jennings still kept a sharp eye out for any more hidden surprises,that may have been on the jungle floor,but fortunately,there was nothing.He then heard the men's steps come close to their hiding position.They were speaking in their native Thai,and again,he really wished he could understand what they were saying.He still kept gently squeezing Kelly's hand,and was pleased to feel his sister clutch his hand.He was still tense though,hoping these men would not see them,and move away.

Fortunately,that was what happened.The men only spoke briefly,and then walked away.Jennings made sure of that,peering out from his hiding place.He saw the two men still searching the place,but they made no move to double back,and there was no other sign of Kim Yang's men nearby.Finally,he allowed himself a quiet sigh of relief,and he took his hand away from Kelly's mouth,releasing her waist too.His sister immediately turned to face him.Jennings then received another warm embrace from Kelly.She kissed his cheek frequently,so overjoyed to finally see a friendly face.

'Are you okay,Kelly?'Jennings asked his youngest sister.'I'm sorry I grabbed you like that,but I couldn't call out to you.'

Kelly didn't respond at first.She just gripped him tightly,and she started to sob in relief.Jennings then picked her up into his arms,and headed back towards the river.He then noticed Panna emerge from his hiding pace,and the Thai led the way.They got back there without encountering any more problems.All the time,Kelly was still gripping her elder brother,still snuggling into him.Jennings gave her a quiet,and warm smile,as he noticed Panna's men come out of nowhere.Angela did so too.She seemed to have recovered fully from the snake incident.Her eyes were now concerned,recognising Kelly.Jennings gently put her down,and Angela stood next to him,ready to offer any assistance.Jennings then knelt down in front of his sister,holding both her hands in front of her.

'Are you okay?'He asked her again.

This time,Kelly did respond.She nodded,somewhat quickly,but Jennings gently squeezed her hands,smiling warmly at her.Then,he affectionately brushed some of her dark hair,away from her face.

'I want you to stay here with Angela,Kelly.'Jennings hated to leave her,but he knew he had to get back,and help all the other girls.'Angela will look after you,okay?'

Jennings looked up to see if Angela was willing to accept.He needn't have worried.The pretty Chinese girl knelt down,and then sat beside Kelly.

'Stay here,okay?'Jennings' voice was still gentle,but firm.'I won't be long.'

He kissed Kelly's forehead,and hugged her.Kelly however,wrapped her arms around his neck,still quietly crying.This made him hug his sister more.

'Don't you dare leave me,John.'Kelly told him firmly,between her tears.'I want you to stay here.'

'Kelly,you know I have to go back,and help Sarah,Louise,and Kieko.'He responded gently,brushing a strand of her hair away from her face again.Kelly's eyes were pleading at him,but he sensed she knew he had to go.

'I promise you.I will be back,with Sarah,and Louise.You girls can have a good old natter,when we leave here.Okay?'

He smiled reassuringly at Kelly,before turning to Angela.

'Look after her,Angela.'Jennings' voice was full of concern,but the Chinese girl nodded her assent,and waited for him to leave,although her eyes too,were concerned.

'Be careful,John.'Angela meant that.'I want to thank you for saving my life.'

Jennings gave his own nod,before he heard Panna tell him.'We must go.'

'Got it.'Jennings answered him,before he reluctantly parted Kelly's arms behind his neck.'Stay under cover,and do as Mr Panna's men tell you,alright?'

Then,he quickly turned away from the girls,and followed Panna back into the jungle,heading back towards Kim Yang's house.Kelly wanted nothing more than to be with him,but had accepted his words.He had to rescue Sarah,Louise,and that gorgeous Japanese girl,from Kim Yang's place.Even so,she couldn't stop worrying for him,knowing what a dangerous place he was heading back into.

Angela clearly saw Kelly's worried expression,and tried to reassure her.

'Don't worry,Kelly.'Angela smiled at her.'I'm sure he'll be fine.Your brother's really something.'She remembered his fight,with the two tough Thai guards,as he'd beaten them,allowing them to escape Kim Yang's house in Bangkok.'He can look after himself pretty good.'She finished confidently.However,Kelly's response wasn't.

'He isn't invincible!'Her worried tone fully evident.

Angela had to concede that point,as she too,started to get concerned.

Both Jennings and Panna had crawled back to their original hiding position.They could now see the house again,and raised their binoculars,scanning for any more of Kim Yang's men.There was nobody in sight,but both men knew this wasn't the case.Panna's men had of course,discreetly dealt with the sentries,and he then received another update from them.It was good news.

'My men have completed a thorough search of the grounds.'Panna informed,still whispering to Jennings,'No surveillance system found,or booby traps.'

'Good.'Jennings nodded.'Tell your men we're moving in.Be prepared in case any of the bad guys make a run for it.'

'Of course.'Panna quickly issued that over his radio,and his orders were confirmed back.He then watched Jennings slowly move up,and started to advance on the house.Panna followed his example.Both men still kept low,just in case any of Kim Yang's men came out unexpectedly,but they reached the building undetected.Jennings motioned silently he would enter first,and Panna nodded.He covered the Englishman,as Jennings slowly entered the house.Almost immediately,he heard a woman crying out.Her cries were mumbled,and Jennings recognised she'd been gagged.Her cries were full of fear,and despair.Quickly,but still silently,Jennings headed over towards the source.Panna right behind him.

Reaching a corner,Jennings heard the woman very clearly,and he peered out.He saw Kieko being held by one of Kim Yang's men.The Japanese girl was still tightly held by the man,and there was also another,well armed man too.Both men were enjoying Kieko's distress.The Japanese girl was tightly tied up,with her hands secured behind her,and her upper body was wound in tight loops of rope. A large rectangular strip of black tape,covered her mouth,and Kieko's eyes were wide with terror.

Jennings could see both men were putting their hands all over Kieko,and they were both smirking,not expecting any problems whatsoever.However,Jennings was determined to stop them,and he suddenly stepped out to face them.Both men were caught totally by surprise,but before they could recover,Jennings acted decisively,grabbing Kieko away from the man holding her.He then used a forearm smash,into the man's face.The man fell without a word,and Jennings turned to deal with the second man.Panna though,beat him to it,giving the still surprised man a knockout blow of his own.

'Thanks.'Jennings nodded his gratitude to him.Then,he went to help Kieko,but as he helped the girl up,Panna laid a hand on his shoulder.

'It's best to take her out of here.'Panna advised,still whispering.'I'll take her back to the river,and come back here.'

'Good thinking.'Jennings agreed.He didn't want any of the girls anywhere near here,just in case things got nasty.He then put his finger to his lips,indicating to Kieko she should remain quiet.The Japanese girl nodded,although she couldn't stop herself from mumbling behind her gag.However,Jennings easily picked her up,and quickly carried her out of the house.Once they were out,Jennings cut Kieko's ropes away,and slowly peeled off the tape gag.Kieko instantly hugged him,and planted a nice kiss on him.He smiled warmly in return,although he blushed faintly.

'You okay?'Jennings asked her,anxiously checking her over.Fortunately,Kieko wasn't hurt.

'I am fine.'Kieko answered,although her voice shook somewhat,knowing how close she'd been to being raped.She was still clinging to Jennings tightly,so relieved to be freed from being tied up.She could hardly move,due to the tight ropes.Kieko glanced down at her wrists,and legs,clearly seeing the rope marks impressed on her skin.She hoped they'd vanish.

'Kieko,stay here with Mr Panna.'Jennings gently told her.'He'll keep you safe.Go with him.Now.'

He could see her hesitation,but holding both her hands,he smiled confidently at her,nodding approvingly at Panna.This did the trick,as Kieko returned the nod,but before he stood up to head back in,she stopped him,still holding onto him.

'Please.Jennings san.'Kieko looked at him firmly in the eye.'Don't be long,and please come back.'

'I promise.'Jennings told her,fully meaning it.He then turned to Panna,telling him.'Look after her.I'm going to get Sarah,and Louise.'

'Understood.'Panna then led Kieko away from the house,to return to their original hiding place.Jennings noticed Kieko giving him anxious looks,but Panna led her to safety,and after Jennings had made a mental note where they were,he headed back into the house.He made sure his advance was silent,and he kept his senses sharp.He didn't encounter any more of Kim Yang's men,but as he crept along,he heard the sound of a woman's footsteps approaching.Quickly,he melted into the shadows,just as Kim Yang walked into his view.The woman walked right by him,but didn't spot him.Jennings however,still tensed.Then,the woman stopped,looking back.Jennings didn't move,his eyes never leaving Kim Yang.The Chinese woman however,didn't retrace her steps,and then vanished.Jennings sincerely hoped she hadn't suspected anything amiss.

Quietly sighing in relief,Jennings moved on.Then,he suddenly heard Louise.Just as before,he heard Louise trying to scream behind a gag.There was also sinister laughing too.Jennings hurried over to the source.He reached a room,where peering in,noticed Louise tightly bound and gagged to a hard backed wooden chair.He couldn't believe how tightly tied Louise was to the chair.There was certainly plenty of loops of rope tied over her upper body.He knew Louise didn't have a chance of escaping those ropes.The Thai Captain,Liu was also present,and he was fondling Louise's breasts in relish,knowing the girl was his.

'I've waited a long time for this,my pretty.'Liu sneered into Louise's ear,terrifying her even more.'I'm going to give you my full,undivided attention now,before I give you to Miss Yang.'

Louise's fear fully dominated her inside.She was in the clutches of a monster,and there was nobody to help her.Liu,gripping her face upwards to him,also recognised her helplessness,and was determined to exploit it.He continued to grope the girl,with his sexual lust increasing by the second,fully relishing the girl's gagged sounds.

Jennings however,wasn't going to let him continue.He silently entered the room,his expression hard,as he closed in on the unsuspecting Liu.When he got to him,Jennings sharply tapped him on his shoulder.As the Thai turned,Jennings viciously struck him in the face with his fist.Liu fell,not moving once he'd hit the ground.

With that threat dealt with,he moved in front of Louise.The girl's eyes instantly lost their terror stricken look,and were replaced by huge joy.Jennings still put his finger to his lips to Louise,who nodded,and he then freed her.Louise however,couldn't help herself.

'John!'Her cry of relief was just a little loud for Jennings' liking.He put his finger to his lips more sharply this time.

'Ssshhhh!'He warned her,glancing anxiously outside,hoping nobody had heard Louise's call.Fortunately,nobody appeared to have done so.The house was deathly quiet,as he picked her up into his arms.He gave Liu's still silent,but prone form a hard gaze,before he whisked Louise away to safety.

He made it outside without encountering any problems,and carried her over to where Panna was waiting with Kieko.

'Take Kieko and Louise back to the boats,please.'Jennings politely told Panna.'I'm getting Sarah out of there now.'

He gently put Louise down,and after gently squeezing her shoulder,hurried away.He just felt Louise's hand trying to reach him,and knew her concern,but now,he was going to rescue Sarah,and every second counted.He made it back easily enough,and moved into the house once more.He continued to search for his younger sister.He knew the house was small,and it wouldn't take long to complete the search.Just as Jennings thought that,he heard Kim Yang's voice,or more accurately,her chuckles.Grimly,he headed over,and reaching the room,saw it was a pretty big bedroom,and his hopes were raised,as he finally saw Sarah.Trouble was,she did have company,the wrong company.

Kim Yang had now unlocked the cage that held Sarah imprisoned.She'd then seized the girl,forcing her to her feet,and held her close and tight to her.Sarah felt as if she was being crushed.The woman's strength was just unbelievable,as she felt one of Kim Yang's arms wrapped snugly behind her.Her breasts made contact with Kim Yang's,and Sarah felt the woman pressing them against her.She was filled with horror,but couldn't protest,especially at what her captor said next to her.

'Well,Sarah,my dear.Shall we have another dose of female bonding?'

Sarah frantically shook her head at this,dreading Kim Yang's advances on her again,but the Chinese woman merely laughed at the girl's frightened eyes.

'Too bad,my pretty.'She gloated down into Sarah's gagged face.'I told you that you were mine.'She tightened her grip on Sarah,making the girl give out a muffled cry of alarm.'I can do whatever I want with you,and right now,I want to taste that pretty tongue of yours.'

She chuckled at Sarah's frantic attempts to break free,and her smile was now more menacing.Kim Yang then started to kiss Sarah's neck,and reinforced her grip,preparing to ravish the girl once more,when suddenly,she spotted something outside the room.Her eyes narrowed,as she instantly spun Sarah around,holding a deadly blade at her throat.Sarah screamed again behind her gag,but Kim Yang ruthlessly dismissed it.Her urges would return,but for now,she'd use the girl as hostage.

'You out there.'Kim Yang called outside coldly.'I can see you.I'll give you five seconds to come in,or else I give the pretty lady a little knife surgery.'

Just outside,Jennings cursed silently.How the hell had she spotted him? He then noticed the reason,seeing his shadow on the floor.He cursed himself again,knowing he'd been careless,just for a moment,but it had been costly.His worry for Sarah had revealed his presence.However,he had to do something.Sarah was being held hostage,and threatened.Grimly,he moved into the room.

As expected,Kim Yang watched a man come in,obeying her demand.She was pleased,and was interested in finding out who this was.He must have been very good to sneak past all her men,but not good enough.She thought with a smirk.The smirk was then wiped from her face,as the man's face came fully into view.It was Jennings!There was a slight smile on the Englishman's face,as he enjoyed the look on her face.She nearly lost her hold on Sarah,who screamed again behind her gag,thinking she was seeing a ghost,but she managed to recover,pulling the bound and gagged girl back to her.Even so,she was still stunned.

'Impossible!'Kim Yang finally managed.'You're dead!'

Sarah suddenly realised it was indeed her brother,and had tried to run to him,but for the moment,escape was impossible.Jennings however,raised his hand to her,smiling at his sister.

'It's okay,Sarah.'He reassured her.'I'm going to get you out of here.'

Sarah's morale suddenly soared.Her kidnappers had tried everything to fully dominate her,but she'd never given in,always believing John would come.Not so,Kim Yang.The Chinese woman's stunned expression had now been replaced by anger.

'You just won't die,will you?'She sneered.

'Let Sarah go,Miss Yang.'Jennings ignored her remark.

Kim Yang made sure she tightly held the girl.'I don't think so,Jennings.Your sister belongs to me now.She'll forget you in time.I'm sure of that.'

She then used her tongue,to lovingly caress Sarah's face with it.Her prisoner shuddered,as she did so.Jennings' face hardened.He knew he couldn't reason with Kim Yang to release Sarah,but he did have an idea.Slowly,he raised his hand again,only this time to Kim Yang.He then produced his combat knife.Kim Yang watched him carefully,making sure her own blade never left Sarah's neck.

'You know,Miss Yang.'Jennings told her calmly,although he made sure his intent was fully evident.'I never did give you the chance,to show me what you can do with your blade.How about it?'

Kim Yang gave him her customary smirk.'You really think you can lure me into a fight,Jennings?'

'Why not,Miss Yang?'Jennings told her,still slowly brandishing his knife.'If you refuse,you'll never know if you could have beaten me.You want to really say no to me?'

He saw Kim Yang ponder for a few moments,before the woman then whispered into Sarah's ear.'Enjoy the show,my dear.This time,your brother really is dead.'

She then roughly shoved Sarah backwards,who fell onto the bed.Sarah squealed faintly as she landed on it.Turning over,her eyes never left her brother.Jennings also kept his eyes on Kim Yang,as he slowly stepped back into a much more open area in the room.He raised his arm in polite invitation to the woman,tensing.He watched Kim Yang slowly advance towards him,also noticing that she still had the same quiet,but confident smile when he'd faced her back in Bangkok.

'Now,I will show you why the woman,is the superior fighter over any man.'Kim Yang relished saying that,as she began to walk around her prey.

Jennings however,wasn't intimidated.He loved fighting,especially this kind.

'Spare me your feminist crap,Kim Yang.'His voice was unfriendly.'Do you want to get on with it?'

'Of course,my apologies,Jennings.'With lightning reflexes,she suddenly lashed out at him.Jennings just managed to block the move.

Bloody hell!He thought,almost being caught by surprise.She was quick!Kim Yang smiled confidently,noticing his expression.She continued to slowly circle Jennings,but still made her moves on him.The room echoed with the sound of clashing blades,as the two combatants fought.Jennings made sure he used a defensive tactic first,constantly blocking Kim Yang's deadly thrusts,and he pushed her away from Sarah's helpless position frequently.

Still bound and gagged on the bed,Sarah was watching the fight in utter fascination.She was so absorbed in it however,that she failed to spot Liu's smirking form creeping towards her.

Jennings was now slowly beginning to get the upper hand.He had to admit the woman's skill was good,but he had seen the arrogance in her eyes,and was able to deflect,and block her deadly thrusts.He was pleased to see Kim Yang's confident expression utterly destroyed,to be replaced by baffled anger.She then tired from her offensive,and had to stop.There was now anxiety on her face,as Jennings slowly advanced towards her,ready to initiate his own assault,when he suddenly heard Sarah give out another muffled,but terrified scream.

Liu was there.His face was bloody,where Jennings had hit him,and he held Sarah.His face full of menace,knowing he had the upper hand.Sarah's face was desperate,and it was then,that Jennings realised he was in serious trouble.He'd taken his eyes off his opponent.Desperately,he swung back round to face Kim Yang,trying to recover his fighting position.It was too late.

With a truimphant smile,Kim Yang plunged her blade into Jennings' shoulder.The Englishman screamed out in agony,as she forced the blade in further.The pain was excruciating,but fortunately,there was no major blood loss.Yet,his agony didn't end there.He heard Sarah cry out in despair,as the Chinese woman kept the blade in him,making him suffer.

'Stop it!Leave him alone!'Sarah tried to shout,but the gag kept her quiet.Liu grinned,as he held the girl.He was pleased to see Kim Yang suddenly,and sharply withdraw her knife.He gritted his teeth,falling to his knees,clutching his shoulder.He saw Kim Yang's shadow stand over him,and managed to look up at her.He was then kicked in the face.He fell backwards,making Kim Yang and Liu enjoy themselves.

Jennings shook his head to clear it,and he was then aware Kim Yang was speaking to him.

'That was very good,Jennings.'She smiled down at him.'You had me worried for a moment,but I think I did prove my point to you.No man has ever beaten me,I assure you.'

Jennings couldn't answer.He was still weak,lying on the floor,and staring at her in utter contempt.Kim Yang then knelt down beside him,stroking his blond hair.

'Your brother's very handsome,my dear.'Kim Yang then addressed Sarah's angst face.'It's such a pity he has to die.'

With that ominous statement,Kim Yang raised her own knife,ready to strike the fatal blow,when suddenly,Panna's voice sharply came in.

'Hold it!'

Liu reacted first,swinging Sarah around,but Pannaas ready for him.He managed to grab Liu's hand holding the knife,and skillfully disarmed him,before he grabbed Sarah away from him,throwing the girl back onto the bed once more.Furious,Liu went for Panna,but the Thai policeman suddenly revealed his pistol.He held it unwaveringly at Liu,making him stop in his tracks.

'You won't shoot me.'Liu suddenly smiled confidently,hiding Kim Yang,who'd jumped into the shadows as Panna had spoke.She aimed the knife ready to throw at him,as long as Liu kept Panna distracted,it would be one of the easiest kills she'd ever do.

'What makes you think I won't?'Panna answered evenly.'You want to try?'

For a moment,Liu thought about if he should.He did,but regretted it instantly.Panna fired once,the bullet striking Liu in the leg,he howled in agony,falling back himself to the floor.He hadn't seen Kim Yang preparing to strike him down though.As he fired his weapon,his attention was fully focused on Liu.It was only when he heard Kim Yang's voice yell out in surprised agony.Jennings had seen what she was going to do,and in her eagerness,had forgotten all about him,thinking he was too weak to interfere.Jennings however,proved her wrong,carefully moving up to her,and then kicking out at her legs,preventing her from killing Panna.This time,Kim Yang crashed to the floor in a heap.

Wearily,Jennings managed to srand up,nodding to Panna,who gave him a friendly grin.Jennings then went over to free Sarah.He made short work of her ropes,and gently removed her gag.Sarah instantly grabbed him,crying in joy.Jennings smiled,kissing her cheek,and returning her embrace.Sarah's hug was actually hurting his wound,but he didn't care.He was just so pleased,that Sarah was safe.

'John!Thank God you've come!'Sarah sounded a tad hysterical,so he embraced her more,whispering gently into her ear.It was a touch that Sarah did not cringe from,in a long time.

'Ssshhhh.'He spoke gently to her.'It's okay,Sarah,you're safe now.'

He even started to cry himself,as he kept a hold of her.Never had they been so glad to be reunited,but Kim Yang's voice came in.

'How touching.'The Chinese woman sneered.

This made Jennings gaze hard at her.

'You made a big mistake,Miss Yang.'He told her coldly.'Did you really think by kidnapping my sisters,you'd have the advantage over me?'He shook his head at her in contempt.'Both Sarah and Kelly are my strengths.Always have been,always will be.'

Kim Yang kept on smirking,as she responded.'Well,perhaps you've won this little victory,but I assure you,I will return.'

'You're not going anywhere.'Panna cut in sharply.'The only place you're going,is in a prison cell,where you and your thugs won't harm anybody else.'

Panna made to call in his men,but Kim Yang certainly didn't seem bothered by the situation.She smiled at Panna,who didn't return it.

'You really think I'll let you lock me up?'Her gaze settled on Sarah.She was faintly amused,seeing the girl glaring at her,as she held tightly onto her brother.

'I shall be back for you later,my dear.'Kim Yang warned,and before anyone could stop her,she suddenly threw something onto the floor.There was an instant explosion of smoke.Jennings threw himself over Sarah to protect her,but when the smoke cleared,there was no sign of Kim Yang or Liu in the room.Just at that moment,some of Panna's men entered.

'There are still two hostiles here.'Panna instructed them.'Find them.'

His men immediately obeyed,but minutes later,they came back with a negative report.Both had vanished into thin air.Panna told them to check out the area around the house,but turning to Jennings and Sarah,he told them the bad news.

'I'm sorry.'Panna apologised.'They got away.The bad people always know where to hide.'

Both Jennings and Sarah were dismayed to hear about their enemies escape.They both sincerely hoped they'd never see Kim Yang again.Yet,they felt reasonably safe,for the moment.Suddenly,Jennings collapsed,feeling weak.Sarah panicked a little,watching him fall.

'John!What's wrong?'She glanced anxiously over him,then remembering his knife wound Kim Yang had inflicted on him.Quickly,she demanded clean water,and bandages,forgetting her ordeal.Only wanting to care for her only brother.Panna too,obeyed Sarah's wishes.Within moments,Sarah had what she wanted,and then started to clean Jennings' shoulder wound.Then,she expertly bandaged him up,before Jennings got the strength to stand back up.Panna and Sarah supported him.

'Let's get out of here,please.'Sarah said to Panna,who nodded.Jennings could still walk,but not without help.He didn't have the strength to speak,as they both helped him out of the house,and headed back to the river.When they reached it,Panna's men were all there waiting,and all the other girls too,emerged from their hiding place.Every one of them rushed forward to offer any assistance for Jennings.He managed to climb into one of the dinghies,and both Sarah and Kelly made sure they sat by him.He lay quietly,but as his sisters took his hands,and squeezed his.He gave them a faint,but warm smile,telling them he was okay.This pleased Sarah and Kelly,who snuggled into him.Angela,Louise,and Kieko were pleased too.All the girls were determined to repay him,but for now,they were so glad to leave this place,and hopefully forget about their ordeal.

With everybody accounted for,Panna ordered his men to enter the dinghies,and they did so.The two boats were then paddled away,as they headed back into civilization.

Watching from their hiding place,Kim Yang and Liu observed them leave.Liu had managed to bandage his gunshot wound,after Kim Yang had removed the bullet.He stared in fury at Jennings.

'I'm going to enjoy killing that Englishman.'Liu was wise enough not to shout that out,but his voice was full of venom.'He's ruined everything!'

'If anybody is going to kill Jennings,Captain.'Kim Yang said evenly to him.'It will be me.'

'You really think you can kill him?'Liu clearly had doubts,remembering how well Jennings had fought her,back in the house.

'Who knows?'Kim Yang admitted.'However,I did enjoy fighting him,so killing him will make it a worthy one to savour.I do know one thing though.'Her sinister smirk returned on her face.'Kelly and especially Sarah,haven't seen the last of me.'

With that ominous thought in mind,Kim Yang's sinister smile increased,as she began to plan her next move.

The End?

Well,actually,it's not,but I hope you all enjoyed it! A huge thank you to all those lovely people,who were kind enough to post their comments.I really appreciated every one.Thank you so much!
Stay tuned for the sequel I have coming soon,'Takachi's Revenge'

Friday, 9 April 2010

Voyage into Slavery Chapter 30

Jennings helped to silently paddle the dinghy he was in.The two small boats were not that far off their landing point.Even so,Jennings kept his eyes peeled,knowing the jungle was a dangerous place for the unwary.Panna and the rest of his men did the same.They made as little noise as possible,not wanting to disturb any of the dangerous wildlife that lived here,but also,not to alert the enemy.

As Jennings paddled,he remembered what one of his jungle instructors had told him,whilst getting used to the place.

'The jungle's a dangerous place,but its also a very beautiful place.Study every bit of it,and of course watch your step.True,it can hide the enemy,but it can also hide you.Don't get intimidated by it,the jungle can help you.Just watch your step,and you'll be okay.'

Jennings never forgot those words,and he followed them to the letter.He did enjoy the experience,but it was not a place he would have liked to have stayed in.

The two dinghies finally arrived at their landing point,and the men quietly exited the boats,pushing them up onto the river bank.They were then hidden from sight,and Panna,weapon in hand,led the way.He'd only gone a few steps,before he crouched down,and everybody else did too.Then,he gestured at Jennings to come forward.Jennings did so.

'Kim Yang's house is two kilometers away from here.'Panna whispered quietly,obeying the laws of jungle combat.It certainly wasn't a good idea to start shouting,within the enemies earshot.

'How many opponents?' Jennings whispered back.

'Unknown.'Panna admitted that.'But it's only a small place,so there shouldn't be too many there.'

He then moved forward quietly.Jennings followed,but not too close.He just kept him within sight,the proper way to advance through the jungle.The rest of the men followed his example.They continued to quietly approach their target,when Panna stopped again,raising his hand.Everybody stopped too,crouching.Panna then turned to look back at Jennings,and motioned for him to come forward.Jennings obeyed.As he did so,Jennings could now see the solitary house ahead.It didn't look derelict at all,and both Jennings and Panna now noticed the armed sentries patrolling the grounds.Binoculars were raised by both men,and they could see the sentries were well armed with shotguns,and assault rifles.They looked highly alert,but as Panna and Jennings raised a pair of binoculars each,they could also see the men wore eager expressions.Clearly,they were looking forward to something.

Panna looked back again.This time,at his men.He made another silent gesture at them,indicating for them to eliminate the sentries.His men nodded,and moved away.With that done,Panna returned his gaze to the house,and then,both he and Jennings spotted movement from within it.Both men then saw Kim Yang and Liu force out Kelly,and Angela.


Just before Jennings and Panna had reached their current position,Kim Yang was relaxing in another,well furnished room.She was sitting on a couch,and she held Sarah firmly.The girl's head was lying on her lap,and her body stretched out on the couch.Of course,Sarah was still bound and gagged tight,and Kim Yang was fully enjoying herself with her favourite prize.She still kept touching,and groping Sarah's breasts,and kissing her all over.Sarah could only give out a faint,muffled scream,as her captor enjoyed herself.

Just then,there was a knock on the door.Both women heard Liu's voice.

'Miss Yang?'He sounded serious.'Open the door.I want to talk to you.'

'I'm busy,Captain.'Kim Yang's voice told him she didn't want to be disturbed.She just wanted some time alone,with her favourite slave.However,Liu wasn't having any of it.

'Now,Miss Yang.'There was a more harder edge to his own voice this time.

Somewhat reluctantly,and regretfully,Kim Yang pushed Sarah's bound and gagged form away from her,and rose up to let Liu in.The Thai looked ominously at Kim Yang's captive,before he turned back to her,although he did enjoy seeing the pretty English girl trussed up,and gagged.

'What is it,Captain?' Kim Yang had sat back down on the couch,and had easily pulled Sarah back to where she had her before.She was now stroking the girl's tightly bound legs.

'The men want the girls now.'Liu informed her.'They've waited long enough for this,as I have.'

Surprisingly,Kim Yang agreed.

'Of course.'She nodded her approval.'I don't see why not,but not my favourite slave here.'She then stroked Sarah's chin,making the girl whimper behind her gag.'Her turn comes later.'

'I can wait for her.'Liu also nodded,knowing he had other options.'We'll take her sister first,and the Lee woman.'

'Good.'Kim Yang ignored Sarah's faint protests coldly,as Liu had mentioned her sister.'You can enjoy yourself with those two beauties,whilst I enjoy Sarah's company here.'

Liu merely smiled,hearing Sarah's frightened,but gagged scream.He walked over to her,and made another,unwelcome touch on her face.

'She really is very beautiful.'Liu felt his lust increase,and Sarah saw it.She couldn't help,but cringe back into Kim Yang's grip,which delighted the Chinese woman.However,Liu didn't press forward his advantage.He wanted to get things started,so instead,he just smirked down at Sarah's gagged face.

'Don't worry,my pretty.'Liu promised.'I'll be back for you.But first,let's get your sister out there.'

Sarah's eyes bulged in terror.Not for her,but for Kelly.Her fears for her younger sister's safety was going into overdrive,but she could do nothing to help her.These people were going to drag Kelly out,force her into the jungle,where she'd be used in some sick game,and raped by these monsters when caught.Sarah's despair was dominant inside her.

Liu enjoyed seeing her fear,and laughed coldly again.Then,he made to leave,but Kim Yang's voice stopped him.

'One moment,Captain,please.I'm coming with you.But first,let's make sure our pretty slave can't run away.'

With that said,Kim Yang gestured for him to bring out something.He did so,and much to Sarah's horror,she could see it was small,rectangular box,with a caged front.Sarah instantly knew this was where they were going to put her.She panicked,going into a frenzied,but futile struggle against her tight bonds.Kim Yang however,stopped her,by giving her a sharp,painful slap on her cheek.

'Don't get too hysterical,my dear.'The woman warned her,still coldly.'Just do as you're told,Sarah.For your sake,as well as Kelly's.'

This worked,and Kim Yang was pleased.However,Sarah was still dreading being put into that awful box.Suddenly,Liu was standing before her.He grinned,as he reached down to pick Sarah up into his arms.Kim Yang smiled too,as she rose up from the couch,and produced a key.Bending down in front of the box,Kim Yang inserted the key into a padlock fixed onto the front,and with the padlock released,she swung open the caged front.Stepping back,she watched Liu easily put Sarah's bound,gagged form into the box.Sarah's kidnappers were both amused to hear their victim give off another frightened,but muffled squeal into her gag.Sarah lay on her side in the box.There was just enough room for her body length,but she couldn't move an inch.Her eyes tried to plead at her captors,as she didn't relish being stuck in this claustrophobic space.Her kidnappers though,cruelly ignored her frightened sounds.

Once Sarah had been put in by Liu,the man closed the cage front,and then stepped back,allowing Kim Yang to kneel down in front of the box,and she secured the padlock,trapping the girl inside it.With that accomplished,Kim Yang reached her hand in,to stroke Sarah's long,dark hair.

'Now you stay right there,my dear.'Kim Yang chuckled again.'We will be back for you,and I sincerely hope you'll still be here when we do.Otherwise,I'll make sure you,your sister,and all the other girls will suffer,and it will be all your own doing.So,be a good girl,won't you?'

Sarah couldn't respond,being tightly gagged.Instead,she watched both her kidnappers laugh,and they then left her alone.Sarah wasn't just scared now.She was terrified,and full of dread for the future.Kim Yang's words about her turn would be soon,and all Sarah could do,was lie here,bound,gagged,locked up,and helpless.


Kelly Jennings sat against the thick stone wall,in the room where she'd been put in.Like Sarah,and all the other girls,Kelly was still tightly bound and gagged.She was of course,also locked up here,and she was just sitting still now,having long given up fighting her bonds.It was just impossible to get loose.Kelly had tried like mad earlier.She'd rolled all over the stone floor,tried to rub the ropes against anything that might help release her hands.Her kidnappers however,had made certain she'd stay tied up.All Kelly could do,was just stare in total fear at the locked door in her cell,waiting and dreading when she'd hear them come back for her.Kelly always hated waiting,and this was no exception.Just like her sister was thinking earlier,Kelly could only think the worst.

She was still making the odd,fearful mumble behind her gag.The despair she felt inside her,was very powerful.Kelly was repeatedly praying her brother was safe,and was on his way here to rescue them.As long as John was alive,there was always a chance,and he did have the knack,of coming back from the dead.Kelly desperately clung to that thought.Seeing Sarah's hysterical reaction earlier though,whilst they were on the boat,appeared to have ruthlessly crushed her hopes.Escape seemed a million miles away.

Suddenly,Kelly heard ominous footsteps approaching,and they stopped outside her door.There was the sound of jangling keys,before she heard one being inserted into the lock,and the door opened.The Thai Captain,and that horrible Chinese woman,Kim Yang stood framed in the doorway.They both entered the cell,and moved closer to her.Both were staring down in pleasure,at Kelly's nicely bound and gagged form.heir prisoner stared up fearfully back at them,especially when she saw Liu produce a knife.She couldn't help,but shake her head madly at them,and her gagged sounds increased too,but not in volume.Her eyes were pleading.

'Now,now,my dear.'Kim Yang recognised Kelly's fears,and spoke to reassure the girl.Her voice sounded smooth,and almost comforting.'We're going to give you a little treat.Just stay still,and we'll let you have some exercise.'

Kim Yang spoke that last part with amused irony,and Kelly knew it.Oh my God!Her eyes went wider,knowing exactly what the woman was saying.They were going to take her out of here,and force her to fend for herself in the jungle.Not only that,but whilst she was trapped there,Kelly would be at the mercy of Kim Yang's men,who would just love to ravish her.Not to mention whatever else was out there,and she could do nothing about it.Escape seemed a million miles away.

Liu approached Kelly with the knife,and despite the girl cringing in terror against the wall,he expertly cut all the ropes away.He then roughly removed Kelly's gag,enjoying the girl's gasp as he did so.Before Kelly could rub her sore wrists,Liu suddenly grabbed her,pulling her sharply to her feet,and pulled Kelly's arms behind her.Although Kelly was relieved to be free from being tied up,her fear was still running into overdrive,as Liu forced her out of the cell.Kim Yang followed.

'Wh-wh-what are you going to do?' Kelly managed to yelp,as Liu frog marched her along quickly.

'Why,we've already told you,my dear.'Kim Yang answered with her customary smirk still evident.'We're going to give you a break from the ropes,and you can run as much as you want.'

'Wh-what do you mean?'Kelly stammered.

'Oh,you'll see,my pretty.'Liu's voice sniggered into her ear.'Just wait and see.'

Liu finally forced Kelly out of the house.She immediately noticed Angela,the Chinese policewoman being held by one of Kim Yang's men.Her expression was frightened.Kelly sympathised,knowing what the girl was feeling.Especially,when she saw several,well armed men waiting there too.Both girls could clearly see the eager expressions,on all the men's faces,and knew what was coming.

Liu then shoved Kelly into one of his men,who held her tight,and began to speak to his men,in his native Thai.He was telling them how easy this was going to be,and to enjoy themselves.It went down very well.The eager expressions remained.Not so,with Angela and Kelly.Both girls were still struggling vainly,and Angela found her voice,just.

'What are you going to do?'Angela tried to make it sound like a demand,but her voice shook with fear.

'Oh,I don't mind repeating myself,my dear.'Kim Yang chuckled.'You see,my men are exceptionally loyal to me.They do an excellent job,guarding the girls I've taken.I certainly wouldn't want them to escape my clutches now,would I? Now,I will.'

She then stepped up closer to Angela's face,and lifted the girl's chin.She still went on explaining.'We're going to give you a chance to get away,Miss Lee.All you have to do,is to avoid these men who will be sent in after you,and find find your way out of the jungle.If you manage that,you're home free.'

Angela still had he chin held,and she felt the woman's grip tighten,noticing Kim Yang's smile become much more menacing.

'However,should my men catch you,my dear.'Kim Yang paused deliberately,making Angela and Kelly very nervous of her answer,before she finished ominously.'They will enjoy ravishing every bit of your assets.'

Both Angela and Kelly's faces were shocked at that,before Kelly managed to recover first.

'You're mad!'Kelly's voice was full of venom,but also horror.'What kind of sick bitch are you?'

Kim Yang still kept her smirk,obviously not affected by the English girl's insult.In fact,it pleased her.Still holding Angela's chin,she slowly turned her head to face Kelly.

'You should know by now,my dear,that I'm not the slightest bit bothered,by your name calling.'Her voice was calm,but there was a cold,hard tone now,especially when Kim Yang told Kelly.'I'm sure you'll be a good girl,and do as you're told,for Sarah's sake.'

Kelly suddenly lost the venom in her voice,replacing it with anxiety.'Where is she? What have you done with her?'

'She's perfectly safe,my dear.You may rest assured of that.'Kim Yang smiled.'But I still hope you'll do as you're told,or else I'll make your pretty sister pay for your defiance.The other girls too.'

Kelly could only stare back helplessly at the Chinese woman.Kim Yang's face was one of utter relish,as she then informed her.'Don't worry though,Kelly.You won't be going first.'She turned back to face Angela,still holding the girl's chin.'Miss Lee is.Take her,Captain.'The last part directed at Liu.

'No!'Angela squealed in fright,but Liu just smiled,and walked calmly up,and seized Angela,as Kim Yang shoved the pretty Chinese girl over to him.He ignored Kelly's 'Leave her alone!'Instead,he lifted Angela over his shoulder,and carried her away,and they both disappeared into the surrounding jungle.Kelly watched them go,desperately wanting to help Angela,but she couldn't.She also knew it would be her turn next,and that thought was literally making her tremble.

Liu easily carried the girl deep into the undergrowth.He knew this way,having been here many times before.There was a faint trail here,and this would lead him back to the house.He'd dragged,carried many pretty girls here,and knew,that not one of them had managed to spot the trail.If they had,then of course,they'd fall right back into his and Kim Yang's clutches.If not,it was guaranteed that his men would seize the unfortunate girl.Liu smiled at that thought.He knew not one girl they'd kidnapped,had managed to escape,and he was supremely confident this one he was carrying,wouldn't either.

Finally satisfied he'd gone deep enough into the jungle,Liu gently put Angela down,but then shoved the girl forward.Angela nearly lost her balance,but managed to stay on her feet.As she turned back to face him,her eyes widened,noticing Liu now held a handgun,and he was pointing it at her.She took a step back fearfully from him.

'That's the right idea,Miss Lee.'Liu nodded at her,pleased.'Get going.You've got a five minute head start.Try not to waste it,my dear.'

'You're a monster!'Angela shrieked that out.

Suddenly,Liu fired the gun.He fired two shots,but made sure he didn't hit the girl.The bullets struck the ground to the side of Angela.The girl yelped in fright.

'I'm sure you don't want to stagger through the jungle,with a bullet wound,Miss Lee.'Liu informed her pleasantly,although his intentions weren't.'Blood wounds can attract some very nasty creatures out here.It's a well known fact,that people have fallen victim to certain species of wildlife here.'His voice then became more sinister to her.'I would hate to think you'd end up on the menu of something.'

He then fired another two shots,making sure he didn't hit the girl again,but his eyes were telling Angela,this was her final warning.

'Get going,Miss Lee,please.'

Angela didn't hesitate,as she turned away from him,and stagger into the dense jungle.Within moments,she'd vanished entirely from Liu's sight.He was pleased.Liu was totally confident of finding her,or rather,his men would.Checking his watch,Liu decided to head back to the house.It would be the pretty English girl's turn next.However,before he did that,Liu produced a walkie talkie,and made contact with Kim Yang.

'You can send in the first group now,Miss Yang.'Liu was pleased to tell her.He then heard the whoops of delight,and excitement from his men over the radio.He smiled with pleasure,on hearing it.In fact,he could hear their eager shouts himself.With that completed,Liu headed back to the house,to get his hands on Kelly.


Still perfectly concealed from their enemies,Jennings and Panna observed the activity in front of the house.They watched,both appalled,as Liu forcibly carried Angela into the jungle.A few minutes later,he returned to seize Kelly,and do the same.This infuriated Jennings,but he kept calm.He had too.

Just then,Panna nudged him with an update.

'My men have dealt with the sentries.'Panna still whispered it quietly.'They're now checking for booby traps,and any surveillance systems.'

'Good.'Jennings nodded,making sure he whispered too.'Tell your men,once that's done,surround the house,but don't enter.Wait for your order.'

'Understood.'Panna then relayed that through his own walkie talkie,then watched Jennings slowly crawl away.

'Come on.'The Englishman gestured for him to accompany him.'Let's help the girls.'

Panna didn't hesitate,as he too crawled away from the house,and followed his friend,deeper into the undergrowth.

Just slightly ahead of them,Angela was cowering,and hiding behind a tree.She was full of fear,having not made much progress in her high heels.She could only manage short,stumbling steps,and the jungle was alive with the wildlife calls.If Angela had been a researcher in this field,she would have found this place fascinating.Instead,it spoke only danger to her,and to make matters worse,Angela could now hear the excited shouts of Kim Yang's men pursuing her.

It was impossible to run from them,and all Angela thought of doing,was just to move from one hiding place to another,desperately praying she wouldn't be seen.So far,it seemed to be working.Angela heard many of the men's voices close by,but it appeared that she hadn't been seen.Angela felt a faint ray of hope,that she could avoid being caught.

That hope was ruthlessly shattered,when she felt herself grabbed from behind.A powerful arm wrapped itself around her waist,and a gloved hand clamped hard over her mouth.Instantly,she was jerked up to her feet.

'Got you!' A man's voice sniggered into her ear.Angela's eyes were bulging,as she saw that two of Kim Yang's men had seized her.She only saw one of the men,and he was loking at her with almost demented eyes.Angela mumbled like mad behind the hand gag,but the man holding her had no intention of letting her speak.Instead,he did.

'Tie her to that tree.'Angela heard him order,and she then saw the second man was carrying plenty of rope.She was quickly forced back onto the tree,and her hands were forced behind the thick trunk.The second man had already prepared the lengths of rope needed.He then moved behind the tree,and started to tie the rope over Angela's wrists.He worked quickly,but efficiently,making sure the loops of rope were tied tight.Then,he knelt down to wind more rope over the girl's ankles,and then wound more loops of rope over and under Angela's chest,and waist.The man tying her up,pulled every loop of rope tight.Angela felt she was being crushed by them,and she was still trying to protest behind the man's hand.

However,just then,the hand was removed from her mouth,but before Angela could even think about yelling for help,a balled up cloth was roughly forced into her mouth.The two men enjoyed hearing her mumbling even more,before a second strip of cloth was tied tight over her mouth.With the girl now bound and gagged,both men stepped back to savour their catch.Angela could only give out faint,muffled protests,as she had to endure both men groping her body all over.Angela was full of dread,as she watched the two men then stand back from her.She saw their lust in the eyes,and this was confirmed,when one of them asked.'Okay,who goes first?'

They had actually agreed to take her at the same time,and were just about to pounce on her,when they both heard a sound from up above.The two men looked up at the source,and instantly,their expressions changed from menace,to utter terror.They both spun away,screaming their heads off,and ran away into the jungle.Relieved that she wasn't going to be raped by the men,Angela closed her eyes in relief,but was slightly puzzled why they'd ran off.She then heard an ominous slithering sound above her.Angela looked up too,and wished she hadn't.Her gagged screams were now full of terror,at what she saw was coming towards her.

Jennings had spotted Angela easy enough.The girl's white uniform had made it easy for him.Both he and Panna had witnessed Angela being captured,by Kim Yang's men.They crept closer,and saw the men tie and gag the girl to a tree,and were enjoying themselves over their prisoner,when suddenly,both men stopped,looking up at the tree,and they ran off,screaming in fear.It was then,that both Jennings and Panna stared in horror,seeing why.Snake!

If there was anything Jennings hated more,it was these bloody things! He'd dealt with them during jungle training,handling them,and was told most of them would run(or slither)away from you.However,Jennings could see this one was a python of some sort,a big one,and he also saw it had an empty belly.The reptile's eyes were firmly focused on the helpless girl below.

Despite his own fears,Jennings didn't hesitate.He pulled out his combat knife,and raced forward.There was a young woman's life in peril.Angela kept on trying to scream behind her gag.The snake's head was getting closer,and it's mouth was wide open,with its razor sharp fangs ready to receive this free meal.Angela couldn't close her eyes,as she watched the monster get closer.Her struggles made no impact at all,and she was now frozen in fear,praying for a miracle,when she suddenly got it.A man had suddenly dived onto the snake,grabbing its head,and both man and reptile fell to the ground.Angela could now see,it was Sarah,and Kelly's brother.Her eyes were still wide,as she watched Jennings fight the snake.

Jennings had made sure he grabbed the head,and he wasn't going to let it go.If he did,he was in serious trouble.He still was,feeling the powerful coils wrapping themselves around his body,and were now starting to crush.Fortunately,the coils were wrapped over his legs,and he still had a tight hold on the head,as he then vicously stabbed his knife into it.He did so repeatedly,until he felt the coils go limp,and they fell away limply off him.Jennings however,was going to make sure,as he sliced open the back of the snake's head,and severed it's spinal cord.There was no more movement from the reptile.

Wearily,Jennings took a moment to pull himself together,before he stood up,and moved towards Angela's trussed up form.He managed a weak,but warm smile at her.He put his finger to his lips,as he gently removed her gag,and then used his knife to cut her bindings loose.Once he'd done so,Angela grabbed him,in a warm,relieved embrace.She was crying in joy,and Jennings warmly returned her hug.

'Are you okay,Angela?'He asked her softly,realising he needed to get her away from here.

Angela felt so pleased to see this man.Even though,she was still quietly crying,Angela gave him a warm kiss on his cheek.She didn't have the strength to speak though,having attempted so many terrified screams earlier.However,Jennings understood,as he gently lifted her into his arms,and carried her back to Panna.Angela kept a tight hold off him.

Panna was also looking at Jennings also disbelievingly,having seen him kill the snake menacing Angela.'Are you okay?' He was still stunned,from what he'd just seen.

'I'm fine.'Jennings nodded.'Let's get Angela back to the dinghies.'

'I'll contact my men.'Panna did so,issuing them into his radio,then he followed Jennings back to the river bank.

It didn't take them long reach the river,and as they walked onto the river bank,two of Panna's men emerged out of nowhere.This made Angela hug into Jennings more,but he smiled gently at her.

'It's okay,Angela.'He reassured her.'These are the good guys.'

He put her gently down onto a log,and Angela sat there,and then offered her a drink from his water canteen.She gratefully accepted.

'How are you feeling,Angela?'Jennings asked her.He didn't really want to put her through this,after seeing her recent ordeal,but he badly needed fresh intelligence,on the enemy.

'I'm fine.'Angela gave a faint,but still warm smile at him,and he was pleased.

'Angela,I'm sorry to ask you this.'Jennings' voice was sincere,but he then asked her.'But do you know how many people are inside that house?'

He could see Angela was thinking about that,but was mildly disappointed,when Angela admitted she didn't know.

'I'm very sorry.'Her apology was fully meant.'I don't really know.All I do know,is they had most of the men getting ready to catch us.'

She still shuddered at that thought,and Jennings placed a hand on her shoulders,giving her a reassuring squeeze.

'It's okay,Angela.Don't worry.You stay here,with Detective Panna's men.You'll be safe here.'

He glanced up at Panna,who was already issuing that order to his men.Then,Jennings made to leave,but Angela grabbed his hand,stopping him.

'Please be careful,John.'Angela blushed slightly,knowing she'd spoken his first name,for the first time.'That Yang woman is a bitch.She'll use any trick to get her way.'

Jennings noticed the compassion in Angela's eyes,who were darting from side to side at him.He smiled warmly back,gently squeezing her shoulder again.He then hurried away,anxious to help Kelly,Panna was right behind him,as they both disappeared into the bush.Angela watched them go,and sincerely prayed they'd come back.

Just as his men had raced off into the jungle,pursuing Angela,Liu had headed back to the house,and was now advancing on Kelly.The English girl was still tightly held by one of his men,and she was looking at him as if he was insane.It didn't bother him,in the slightest.He nodded at the man holding her,and Kelly was promptly shoved into Liu's waiting arms.Instantly,Liu yanked her arms behind her,and forced her along towards the waiting jungle,enjoying her frightened screams.

'Let me go,you bastard!'Kelly's voice was a mixture of fear and revulsion,but she was easily taken into the jungle.Liu had taken her in the same way,as he'd done with Angela.Once he reached the same point where he'd shoved the Chinese girl away,Liu did the same with Kelly.The girl yelped,as she hit the jungle floor.Lying on her back,she gazed wildly at him,and then she noticed the gun he was holding.Her eyes widened even more.

'Okay,Miss Jennings.'Liu was still smiling,wavering the weapon menacingly at Kelly.'Five minutes head start is what I'll give you.So,you'd better start moving,my dear.'

'You really think you'll get away with this!'Despite the ever present fear inside her,Kelly shouted that out angrily.'Just you wait till my brother gets a hold of you! I can't wait to see what he'll do to your face!'

Liu just chuckled at that,still smiling pleasantly at her,as he responded.'Your brother's dead,my dear.He can't save you.Kim Yang's a superb fighter.Nobody has ever beaten her.Your brother certainly wouldn't have.'

Kelly was horrified by what she'd just heard.She instantly refused to accept that.'I-I don't believe you.'

'Well of course,that's your opinion,my pretty.'Liu allowed her that,before he then fired his gun,firing twice again.The bullets struck the ground beside Kelly,making her squeal in more fright.

'I will give you the five minutes head start,Miss Jennings.'Liu's voice was now dark,and very unfriendly.'You'd better not waste it.My men can't wait to get their hands on you,and speaking truthfully,neither can I.'

Kelly's eyes were even more terror stricken,as she scrambled up to her feet,and she raced into the jungle,with despairing cries.Pleased,Liu watched her run.He decided to honour the five minutes he'd given her.Although,he knew,it would do the girl no good whatsoever.Just as Angela was,Kelly was dressed in a white navy shirt,and white skirt.She wouldn't get very far,and Liu smirked,knowing how easy it would be to recapture Kelly.Childs play.He thought confidently,as he checked his watch.

Kelly ran like mad through the jungle,or at least she tried to.Her high heeled shoes certainly hindered her progress,as she was constantly losing her balance.Her face was desperate,fully realising her predicament.She was trapped here,in the jungle,and she sensed danger approaching from all sides.Kelly was frantically trying to think of something,but no ideas presented themselves.It was also dawning on her,that it had been a bad idea,always politely refusing her brother's invitations to go camping with him.She could have used his knowledge to good effect.Kelly promised herself,that if she made it out of here alive,she'd never refuse him again.

Suddenly,Kelly heard men shouting.It made her jump,and then,she could see many well armed men drawing closer to her.They were hacking their way through the jungle,with razor sharp machetes,and Kelly panicked,and instantly bolted for it.She could hear much laughter,and even shouts of broken English at her.

'Pretty lady!We come for you now!'

'Pretty! Pretty!No escape!'

This made Kelly more frightened than ever.She stumbled blindly on,not knowing where she was heading,only to get away from these horrible men.The laughter and the taunts sounded much more closer to her,and Kelly realised she had to hide.There was plenty of cover,and of course,the trees seemed the best bet.Kelly spotted one,with a thick trunk,and immediately headed over to it.It might buy her some precious time.She neared the tree,and turned again to check on her pursuers progress,when she felt herself grabbed from behind.A strong arm seized her waist,and a hand silenced her mouth.Kelly's eyes bulged in fear,as her unseen captor yanked her back.

Chapter 31 to follow...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Voyage into Slavery Chapter 29

Still keeping her hand tight over Sarah's mouth,Kim Yang dragged the girl into a waiting lift.She was enjoying listening to Sarah's mumbling,despairing cries.At least,she'd have no problems with her now dead brother she'd just shot.

Kim Yang then touched the controls to shut the lift doors,and pressed the button to head down.As the lift did so,she pulled the still sobbing Sarah closer to her,fully enjoying her scent.She kissed Sarah's long,raven and bushy hair.

'You really are gorgeous,my dear.'Kim Yang complimented.'I can't wait to see you tied up and gagged again,before I ravish you.'

Sarah didn't hear that.She was constantly thinking of that horrible moment,when Kim Yang had ruthlessly gunned down her brother.She was still sobbing in despair,behind the tight gag.

Finally,the lift stopped,and then Kim Yang easily dragged her prize out.The boat was waiting for her,as was Liu.Kim Yang was also pleased to see the pretty bound,gagged hostages on the boat too.She loved looking at them all,especially the two English girls.Louise was very attractive.She thought,admiring her sexy form in uniform,tied up of course.Kelly,Jennings' youngest sister was stunning too.Her eyes showed shock,as she recognised Sarah being forced along,but could make no protest at this,as the other girls couldn't too.

Kim Yang roughly threw Sarah into Liu's eager hold,curtly ordering.'Get her tied up,and gagged.We'd better get out of here.'

'With pleasure.'Liu smiled,already telling his men to cast off,and they did so.There was another boat,but he'd seen to that,just in case his enemies decided to use that.Liu sincerely hoped they would,having planted something there recently.

He'd already forced Sarah to lie on her stomach.The English girl looked stunned,not realising what was going on around her,but Liu seized the advantage,grabbing Sarah's wrists behind her.There was still more than enough rope here on the boat,to tie up another pretty slave.As he lashed the strong rope over Sarah's wrists,the girl seemed to finally wake up what was happening to her.She felt her hands being tied up behind her,and now recognised the sinister Kim Yang smiling down at her.

'You murdered him!' Sarah's voice was full of hate,totally directing it at the Chinese woman.It also shocked her fellow female captives,every one of them.Kelly,Kieko,Angela and Louise could now only fear the worst.All the bound,gagged girls looked on in shocked eyes at Sarah,and Kim Yang,who was now assisting Liu,tying Sarah up.

'Jennings is dead?' Liu asked Kim Yang,slightly surprised to hear this news,as he now started to tie Sarah's ankles together.

Kim Yang smiled at her prisoners.It wasn't a nice smile,as she confirmed this.

'I'm afraid your knight in shining armour,won't be galloping to your rescue anymore,ladies.'

She was pleased to see all the girls mumble into their gags disbelievingly.None of them was prepared to accept it,but this was reinforced with Sarah,who was still fiercely glaring at Kim Yang in half hate,half terror.

'You murdering bitch!'Sarah screamed that out in utter rage.She began to furiously struggle to break free from Kim Yang's hold,and tear this evil bitch apart.Unfortunately,Kim Yang was wise to her intentions,and promptly ordered one of her men to grab Kelly.Sarah froze in horror,as she saw her younger sister seized,with a knife held tight at her throat.

'If you make any more attempts to defy me,'Kim Yang's voice snarled menacingly into Sarah's ear.'I'll slit your pretty sister's throat.'

The threat was real.So much so,that all the girls mumbled fearfully behind their gags.Sarah heard this,and despite the horrible memory of her brother being coldly gunned down,she had to stop struggling,for Kelly's sake.

Her screams didn't bother Kim Yang though.The Chinese woman merely raised an amused eyebrow,as she finished winding loops of rope over Sarah's upper body.With that completed,she saw Liu finish his part.Sarah was now tightly tied up,hand and foot,just like the other girls.Kim Yang then turned Sarah onto her back,pulling out a strip of cloth.

'We can't have your pretty mouth swearing like that now,can we,my dear?'Kim Yang chuckled,feigning shock.'It's not nice,when I hear a lady swear.'

She then gripped Sarah's chin,holding the girl's head still,ready to stuff the cloth into Sarah's mouth,when suddenly,Sarah spat venomously into Kim Yang's face.This made her men advance menacingly forward to Sarah's tightly bound form,but they stopped,seeing Kim Yang sharply raise her hand at them.

Slowly,Kim Yang wiped her face with the cloth.She didn't lose her temper,but her face became much more menacing.She gripped Sarah's chin more harder.

'I'm pleased your spirit is still defiant,my dear.'Her voice was hard too.'I'm going to enjoy breaking it,and all these other beauties here too.'

She then roughly stuffed the cloth into Sarah's mouth,not giving the girl another chance to show her defiance.She made sure the whole cloth went in,but was still careful not to let her prisoner choke.Then,she added a second cloth,tying it over Sarah's mouth.This kept the girl tightly gagged,and that was precisely how Kim Yang wanted her.

She lay almost on top of Sarah,whose eyes were still blazing back at her.Kim Yang just smiled down at her captive,running a finger down Sarah's cheek.

'So much better,my pretty slave.'She sneered in Sarah's face.'I told you I'd punish you for your defiance,didn't I? Too bad your brother got in the way.'

Mentioning her brother's death again made Sarah furious,but she still couldn't stop crying.Who was going to help them now? Where were they being taken? She then heard Liu ask Kim Yang.

'The usual place?'

'Of course,Captain.'Kim Yang nodded,still sneering down at Sarah's face.Her smile suddenly became more sinister.

'Well then,ladies.'She addressed her bound,gagged prisoners.'I'm taking you to a nice little country retreat.I prepared it especially,just in case of things happening like this.'

She continued to stroke her finger down Sarah's cheek,still seeing the hate in the English girl's eyes,but the fear was still fully evident.She couldn't wait to ravish this beauty.

'You may all rest assured,ladies.'Kim Yang was still speaking to the girls.'Nobody will find you there.In fact,I guarantee it.I have some very special plans for my pretty slaves.'

She was pleased to hear the gagged girls mumble fearfully at this.Then,still smirking,she seized Sarah,pulling her up to her feet.Liu had already started the motor,and was now steering the boat out from the underground jetty.Once they had left a considerable distance from it,Kim Yang finally got her wish.She enjoyed Sarah's struggling in her hold,and she pressed herself more harder into the girl's back.Sarah gave a muffled scream into her gag,fully realising Kim Yang's intentions for her.

'Struggle away,my pretty.'The Chinese woman's voice was full of sexual lust.She then gripped Sarah's chin again,forcing her to look at the rest of the bound and gagged women.'I'm sure you care very much for your lovely sister.It would be a shame to hurt her,wouldn't it?'

Kelly's anguished expression wasn't lost on Sarah.To protect her,Sarah knew she had to submit to these demented,and ruthless woman.Her head sagged in defeat,which Kim Yang noticed.

'That's a very wise decision,Sarah.'Kim Yang's triumphant smile was lit up all over her face.She then pulled Sarah into the interior of the boat,pausing to inform Liu.

'I'm going to enjoy myself with Miss Jennings now,Captain.Keep your eyes on them.I may give them a turn later.'

Sarah and the girls squealed again into their gags,but Kim Yang,Liu,and their men merely smiled,fully enjoying their prisoners distress.Still holding Sarah tightly to her,Kim Yang dragged her into the boat,taking her into one of the cabins.Just like her bigger,more impressive boat she'd been kidnapped on,Sarah could see another well built,and comfortable cabin.A bed was there,not the king sized one,but it was certainly big enough to sleep two people.

Kim Yang literally threw Sarah onto the bed,who landed on it face down.Before she could move,Kim Yang pounced on her,lying on top of the girl.A snarl of sexually aroused pleasure escaping her lips.Sarah's terror increased tenfold,as she told her prize.'Well,my pretty,let's see what you're made of then.'

She's going to rape me!Sarah thought,now desperately trying to escape,but the Chinese woman's power was far superior.As Kim Yang used both her hands to fondle Sarah's impressive breasts,she chuckled,knowing she had the girl exactly where she wanted her.She was highly skilled in her love making,having enjoyed dominating many of her pretty slaves she'd kidnapped,and she continued her assault.She clearly saw Sarah's fierce resistance to her,and loved it.

'That's it,my dear.'She whispered lovingly into Sarah's ear.'Fight me,so you can let me savour the triumph.'

This actually increased Sarah's determination to resist,but Kim Yang's power finally overwhelmed her,as both women climaxed.Kim Yang breathing triumphantly,whilst Sarah felt completely humiliated,and ashamed.Her female rapist noticed,and lovingly hugged into her.

'That was impressive,Sarah.'Kim Yang complimented,kissing the girl's face.'You put up the best fight I've ever seen.I can't wait till I take you again.That's a promise.'

Sarah didn't have the strength to offer any defiant response.She just lay on the bed,totally exhausted,and in total despair.Kim Yang then stroked Sarah's hair,whispering again into her ear.

'You're mine,my dear.All mine.'She chuckled,before checking on the girl's ropes.She was going to see the other girls now.'Don't go away now,my pretty.I'll be back soon.'

Giving Sarah another loving kiss,Kim Yang then rose up,somewhat regretfully,and left the cabin.Before she did leave,she posted one of her men to watch Sarah,who still lay on the bed,securely bound and gagged,and dreading her return.

Kim Yang then walked out from the boat's interior,and advanced up to the small group of girls tied up there.Her eyes made them all cringe in fear,as she then said to them.

'Now then ladies,who's next?'


Back outside the auction house,the fierce gun battle between the Thai police,and Kim Yang's people was still raging.Still in cover like all his other men,Panna reloaded another magazine into his pistol,before peering out to assess his next target.Unfortunately,he could see things were not going his way.The firepower that was being unleashed onto them,was simply too powerful.Leaning out to shoot back,was suicidal.Panna could see many of Kim Yang's men having the height advantage,and were using superior weaponry.

The bullets were raining down on them,forcing Panna and his men to take cover a lot.They could only return fire sparodically,and there were casualties amongst his people.Fortunately,there were no fatalities,but the amount of wounded was increasing.Panna narrowly missed being shot himself.He cursed these people,and he sensed things were going to get worse.Risking another glance at the house,Panna's worst fears were confirmed.He saw the men shooting at them,now produce grenades.Damn them! He cursed them again.Once they threw those things down,he and his people were finished.

However,just as the men had pulled the firing pins out of the grenades,there was a shattering explosion that sent some of them,screaming in anguish,crashing fatally to the ground below them.More violent explosions followed,and every one of them reduced the weapons fire being directed at Panna's people.Many of Kim Yang's men were either blown to smithereens,or plummeted to their deaths.Finally,the shooting stopped.

Panna could scarcely believe it,but then he remembered what the Englishman had told him earlier,about the surprise.He'd badly needed it.With grim satisfaction,Panna rose from his cover,still hoping he wasn't being targeted by a sniper.Fortunately,he wasn't shot at,and gesturing for his men to follow him,Panna hurried up to the entrance of the house.He could still hear explosions occuring inside,and peering in,also heard men screaming.Panna knew the reason why.

His men had instantly followed him on his command,and they quickly entered the house,weapons ready.What they saw on entering,was a scene from hell.Dead bodies lay scattered,and the floor was littered with many spent cartridge cases.Quite clearly,there'd been a really nasty firefight here.Panna concluded.He gestured again for his men to check out the house,telling them.

'Remember.Find the girls being held here.Their safety is our top priority.'

He was pleased to see all of his men nod their understanding.They then moved off to carry out his orders.Panna looked again at the bodies,and it was then,he suddenly spotted Jennings' unmoving form too.He instantly raced over to the fallen Englishman,and inspected him for any gunshot wounds.

'Get an ambulance! Now!'Panna yelled back at the entrance.Some of his men were still there,and one of them did so.Turning back,Panna suddenly noticed signs of life from Jennings.Panna had noticed his eyes slowly flicker open,and he was now starting to rise,groaning.He saw Panna staring down at him,with concern.

'Don't move.'The Thai policeman held out a cautionary hand to him.'You're hurt.'

'I'm okay.'Jennings replied,propping himself up on his elbows.His face grimaced,as he did so,instantly feeling the back of his head.It hurt like hell.

'I don't understand.'Panna was baffled.'What happened? I thought you were shot.'

In answer to that,Jennings raised his combat top to reveal a bullet proof vest,that Louise had left for him,back in the hospital.No doubt about it.Jennings knew this had saved his life,or rather,Louise had.He felt eternally grateful to her,seeing the bullet impacts in the vest,where Kim Yang had shot him.It had done its job,as not one had penetrated it.

Jennings slowly stood up,and Panna breathed a huge sigh of relief.He was glad the Englishman was okay.Panna felt a deep sense of gratitude to him,for saving his daughter's life.

Jennings recovered quickly,still gently feeling the back of his head.He'd gotten a nasty bump there,as he'd fallen.His thoughts hardened at that memory,still remembering Kim Yang's cruel smile as she shot him.The murderous bitch still had Sarah and Kelly in her clutches.Jennings hadn't forgotten that,or the other girls too,Angela,Kieko,and Louise.

Checking his weapon,Jennings led the way.Panna right behind him,with a few of his men following.There wasn't any opposition now.Jennings' C4 charges had taken care of that.They passed a lot of blown up rubble,with many dead bodies close to it,or parts of dead bodies.Not only had Kim Yang's men been killed instantly in the explosions,but many had been blown to pieces.

As Jennings led the way,one of Panna's men came up to him,and reported the house was now secure.Panna nodded at that,as they entered one of the lifts.Jennings had seen the underground river,with the boats moored on it.He knew Kim Yang would certainly use this route,as a way of escape.He hoped he'd see his sisters there,but the feeling inside him doubted that.He really hoped he was wrong.

The lift finally stopped,and as the doors opened,Jennings led the way out,his rifle out ready to fire.There was no sign of Kim Yang,or Sarah,Kelly,Kieko,and the other girls.I must have just missed them.Jennings thought grimly.

A single boat was there,moored alongside one of the wooden jetties,and Panna gestured for two of his men to check it out.They moved towards the boat,but Jennings sensed something.He raised a warning hand to them.

'No.Wait.'His warning gesture worked.Both of Panna's men stopped in their tracks.Panna himself asked.

'What's wrong?'

'Wait here.'Jennings answered,as he slowly advanced towards the boat.He thought he'd heard something.As he drew nearer,he was right.An ominous beeping sound came from inside the boat.

Whirling back round,he yelled.'Take cover!'

There was a mass of diving bodies,just as the boat exploded into a huge fireball.Its wreckage went flying everywhere,but fortunately,it didn't hit anybody.Once Jennings felt it was safe to stand,he did so.Panna followed his example,checking his men.They'd been lucky.Panna knew that.Just a few more metres closer to that boat,and they would have all beeb blown to kingdom come.Once again,he felt he owed Jennings another grateful debt.

'You're very observant.'Panna remarked to him.

'I had a good teacher.'Jennings admitted.

'Who taught you?'Panna was curious.

However,Jennings just smiled faintly at that question.

'That'a a long story.'He admitted.'I'll tell you one day though.'

He then gazed out at the river.There was only one way in,and out.The river flowed through into a large opening in the rock.Jennings then asked Panna about this.

'Any idea where the river's route leads?'

'It comes out in the jungle.'Panna nodded.'It's very tough country out there.If that's where Kim Yang took the girls,they have plenty of places to hide.'

Jennings was just thinking on how to answer that,when he suddenly noticed Panna smile.

'Don't worry though,Mr Jennings.I think I know where to find them.'

'Good.'Jennings was pleased.'I'll be there with you.'

'Of course.'Panna was in complete agreement.'We'd better head to the docks.I've got a friend there,who can help us out.'

'Lead the way,Mr Panna.'Jennings gestured politely,and all of them did so,hurrying.Jennings still felt the laptop he had in his combat bag.Louise might have something there for him,and he'd check that out.Even so,as he hurried away from the underground river,Jennings knew every second counted.All the girls safety depended on how quick he could reach them.


Far ahead of them,Liu was steering the boat upriver,and felt a tremendous amount of satisfaction,in accomplishing a quick,undetected getaway.Even though he still felt the police wouldn't be that far off from him.Inwardly,he cursed Jennings.It was no thanks to this Westerner,that he'd managed to get the police onto their scent.Liu somehow sensed their time was running out.

Still,it hadn't been a total loss.Liu couldn't stop gazing lustfully at the four very pretty girls,bound and gagged on the boat with them.His men too,were doing the same.They hoped to choose one of them soon,to fully ravish,as they knew Kim Yang had already done so.Liu included.

There was still the occasional whimpering from some of the girls,especially Kelly.She was deeply worried for Sarah,seeing Kim Yang drag her away from her.Even though they were tied up tight,at least the girls could stay in contact with each other.However,with Sarah taken,Kelly's eyes strained into the boat's interior,hoping to see her elder sister emerge from there unharmed.She then spotted movement from within the boat,and her eyes were hoping to see Sarah.Her hopes were bitterly crushed,as she and everybody else watch Kim Yang emerge.

The Chinese woman's expression was one of utmost satisfaction,and a horrified Kelly instantly knew why.She tried to scream in protest behind her gag,but no scream was heard.Kim Yang heard her attempt,and walked over,kneeling down beside her,taking Kelly's chin in her hand.

'Your Sarah was most enjoyable,Kelly.'Kim Yang took great pleasure in telling her that.'I think I might choose you next,my dear.'

Kelly's eyes bulged again.Even the rest of the girls were now utterly terrified at Kim Yang's presence.Angela and Louise tried to back away from her,but being tied up back to back,they didn't get very far.Kim Yang stroked both girls faces,making them whimper again.Their captors enjoyed hearing it.

Kelly then tried to look out from the boat,trying to see where they were.All she saw was thick jungle on either side.It also alarmed her,that she noticed the odd snake curled around one of the many thick branches.She hated this place,especially seeing dangerous wildlife.Kelly turned her scared gaze back to Kim Yang,mumbling like mad behind her gag.

Kim Yang seemed to understand what she was saying.'You want the gag off?'She asked her.

Seeing Kelly nod furiously,the woman then jerked away the tape,making her prisoner gasp in relief,but then,Kelly pulled herself together,glaring at the smug faced Kim Yang.

'What did you do to Sarah?'Kelly tried to make it sound like a demand,but the fear was still evident in her tone.

'Why,that's perfectly obvious,my dear.'Kim Yang's reply was still smug.She however,didn't answer that,but stroking her fingers through Kelly's hair,she told her.'I think you should be more concerned what's going to happen to you.'

Kelly made an umpteenth,but still fruitless effort to free her hands tied behind her.She was still glaring at the woman.

'You really think you can make us disappear?'Her breath was quick.'You'll never get away with this!'Kelly couldn't help,but say that in defiance.It only made Kim Yang amused.

'My dear.Of course I'll get away with it.There's nobody to stop me.Granted,your brother was a concern,but not any more.'She finished speaking with an evil smile.

'You're wrong.'Kelly shook her head,steadfastly refusing to believe that.'You won't beat my brother.Nobody ever has.'

'Interesting.'Kim Yang conceded,although she was still supremely confident Jennings was still lying dead back in the house.'I doubt that very much though,my pretty.However,that's enough talking from you.'She then replaced the tape back over Kelly's mouth,sealing it on tightly,just as Liu suddenly informed her.

'We're here,Miss Yang.'

The boat was approaching a solitary house,built near the river.It wasn't as impressive as the house in Bangkok,but Kim Yang did use this place.She still sold girls here,only this time,to her more trustworthy clients.As yet,the Thai police hadn't located this place yet,and she still felt confident they wouldn't.

Kim Yang was actually thinking of Jennings.She still felt bitter that she hadn't beaten him in unarmed combat,even though she'd gunned him down.There was still a twinge of regret inside her.She'd admitted to herself,that she would have loved facing him.Instead,she decided to tell her prisoners,what she had in mind for them.

'Well then,ladies.'The smugness was still there,as she spoke.'Here's what we have in store for you.You're all going to take part in a little game we'd like you to play.'

Still pleased to see her prisoners were looking at her fearfully,dreading what she was going to say next,Kim Yang continued.

'My men are exceptionally loyal to me.So,I'm sure you'll all understand how its important to me,to give them rewards from time to time.'She paused,giving all the girls a meaningful glance.From their frightened eyes,Kim Yang sensed they knew what was coming.She chuckled,not wanting to disappoint them.

'As you'll soon see,ladies.'Kim Yang went on explaining.'My men will do an excellent job of guarding you.They always do,making sure none of my pretty slaves will escape.Although of course,we will give you that chance.'

Her sinister smile wasn't lost on the girls.They knew she had something nasty planned for them,and they dreaded it.Before they did however,Kim Yang then turned away from them,heading back into the boat.She re-emerged out within moments,now holding Sarah's weary form.The girl was too weak to fight back,although Sarah was much relieved to see Kelly was still unharmed.She was still held tight by Kim Yang,and her eyes glared fierce hatred at her captor,still much to Kim Yang's faint amusement.Sarah also looked out onto the thick jungle surrounding them.Her hopes of rescue were ruthlessly crushed.Surely,nobody would find them here.

To confirm this,Kim Yang then told her.'Sorry,my dear.We always prepare our escape routes well.Needless to say,we don't want to be noticed.'

She was pleased to hear Sarah groan in despair through her gag,and then she repeated what she'd just told the girls.After she had,Sarah's eyes were just as appalled as all her other female captives.

You damned sick bitch! Sarah snarled into her gag,but her defiance was instantly punished,as Kim Yang quickly turned her to face her,and gave Sarah a sharp slap on her face.She yelped in pain.

'Keep this up,my dear.'Kim Yang's voice wasn't far off being a snarl either.'I'd hate to punish any of your friends,merely for your own stupidity.'

As Kim Yang expected,this had the desired effect.Sarah turned her head away,closing her eyes in defeat.She then heard Liu announce to them all.

'Right.We're here,ladies.'

Everybody on the boat turned to look.They were approaching another wooden jetty,and there were more men waiting for them on it.All the bound,gagged girls could also see the single house just visible ahead.It didn't look as impressive as the house back in Bangkok,but Kim Yang always made sure she kept this place habitable,and away from prying eyes.She was highly pleased with her efforts,knowing her enemies hadn't been able to find this place yet.

Liu skillfully steered the boat alongside the jetty.Ropes were thrown to the men,waiting on the jetty.They secured the boat quickly,and once Liu saw that was accomplished,he glanced back at his pretty prisoners,smiling with utter relish.He then ordered his men sharply.'Take them.'

His men moved rapidly to obey.Angela and Louise were cut free from being bound back to back,although they still remained bound and gagged.Each one of the girls was then seized by a man,who promptly placed them over a shoulder.Then,Angela and Louise were taken off first,Kieko and Kelly followed the same way,before Liu turned to Kim Yang,still holding Sarah tightly.

'Shall I take her in for you,Miss Yang?'He asked hopefully.

'No need,Captain.I'll attend to this lovely,young lady.'Kim Yang's reply disappointed him,but the Chinese woman then did the same to Sarah,placing the girl over her shoulder.Sarah mumbled into her gag in total surprise at this.She just couldn't believe how strong this woman was.Sarah was easily carried into the house by Kim Yang,but she didn't see much of the interior.Yet,she did hear Kim Yang order ominously.'Put the rest of the girls into the holding cells.I'll take this beauty to my bedroom.'

Hearing this,Sarah screamed again into her gag,much more terrified.Kim Yang smiled evilly,smacking her prize on her rump.Sarah gave out another muffled scream.Horrible recent memories of another rape was terrifying her,and she could do nothing to prevent it.

Sarah desperately tried to scream.'Somebody help me!'Yet,all she heard was just her own frantic,gagged mumbling.She was still doing this,as Kim Yang carried her into a bedroom,which was obviously hers,as it was well furnished.The Chinese woman threw Sarah down onto the bed face up.The English girl's eyes were now dominated by fear,staring wildly up at Kim Yang,whose face was right on top of hers.The evil smile still there,as the woman then confirmed Sarah's worst fears.Kim Yang then lovingly squeezed,and fondled her breasts.Sarah gave out another muffled,gagged scream,as she was then being kissed all over.

'I told you,Sarah,didn't I?'Kim Yang's voice was full of triumph,determined to ravish the girl once again.'You would complete your voyage into slavery.I would always make sure of that.'

There was no defiant reply from Sarah.She could only pray for a miracle as Kim Yang's hands crawled all over her tightly bound body.


Not too far away from the house,two dinghies were silently making their way towards it.Both dinghies carried four men,who were slowly paddling through the river.All of the men were dressed in jungle combat clothing,and had their faces camoflagued.They also held weapons,and wore determined expressions,as each man kept a sharp lookout.

In one of the dinghies,helping to paddle it along,was Jennings and Panna.The former had been pleased to see his new found friend,bring several highly experienced military men with him.All of them had declared a genuine offer of help to him,and Jennings had gratefully accepted.Each man was a member of the Thai Special Forces,and Jennings was glad to have them on his side.He'd need them.

As the dinghies made their stealthy approach to their landing point,Jennings thought of Sarah and Kelly.Before he'd gotten into the dinghy,he'd took out a favourite photo of his.It showed him between his sisters,and they were all smiling happily at the camera.Both Sarah and Kelly were cuddling into him,and this hardened his resolve.He swore to himself he'd get his sisters out of that place,with Angela,Kieko,and Louise too.He could still feel his combat knife sheathed in his belt,and also swore to himself,that if Kim Yang wanted a fight,he would be more than happy to oblige her.

Chapter 30 to follow...